Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The Soundtrack to my life

The Soundtrack to my life
22 May 2013

I think that everyone should have a soundtrack for their life.  Sort of a ringtone they live by.  Or a theme song.  A song that encapsulates their essence.  Their personality.  Something that describes them in song.  You know exactly what I mean, right?

Yes, I used to watch Ally McBeal many, many years ago.  I'm sure you've guessed by now.  She had a soundtrack, and I thought it was simply awesome.  Such a cool idea.

But here’s the thing.  Awesome though the whole “soundtrack/ringtone-for-my-life-idea” is, I simply wouldn’t be able to pick just one tune.  How can one?  There are just so many, many magical songs out there.  Songs I identify with.  Songs that speak to me and that grab my heart.  And my hips when I’m in a dancing type of mood.  Not to mention, my vocal chords too.  Because singing along to an awesome song, is one of the few free pleasures in life.  So exhilarating!

Furthermore, “The Song”, will hugely depend on your frame of mind at any given moment.  If you’re having a crappy day, then perhaps you want a sad, sappy song.  A real tearjerker.  One of those, “My girl done left me and my dog died too” songs.  A song that mirrors your feelings.  Or perhaps the opposite is rather needed then.  A song that lifts your spirits and cheers you up.  A song that seduces you back to life and positivity again.  Cause think about it, how can you continue to have a bad day, when you hear “I’ve got a feeling, that tonight’s gonna be a good night” by the Black Eyed Peas?  Simply not possible.  Because a song like that, not only engages your heart, but appeals to your hips and your vocal chords too.  A true tri-fecta.  A magic formula.

And just thinking about it, my head’s in a whirl.  And a twirl too.  Which song?  Which song???  There are just too many to choose from.  One could do uplifting, bouncy, happy songs.  Occasionally a good dramatic classic song, like Bizet’s Habanera from Carmen.  Love, love, love it!  Quite odd, especially given the fact that I don’t really like operas at all.  But that little bit, where it sweeps you up and up and then the crash of dramatic sound, gives me a little jiggle each and every time.  The theme song from James Bond.  Or perhaps that of Mission Impossible.  Or maybe an awesome Beatles tune.  I am just such a fan.  What about an Elvis classic?  A bit of Rolling Stones?  Peter Gabriel.  Sting.  Red Hot Chili Peppers.  Justin Bieber (just kidding – seriously!).  Pink.  The list seems endless.  And all these awesome bands, have created awesome songs.  Most of them transporting me back to a time in my life.  Highlighting a feeling, a place, an experience.  Triggering a memory.

Then there’s also the current pop-ish type songs of the moment.  The ones you hear on the radio all the time.  You know exactly how catchy they can be.  And due to being exposed to them so much, they have the ability to creep right under your skin and attach themselves.  If not for a very, very long time, then at least for a season.  Until the next “hot” pop-ish type song of the moment comes along.  And usurps it.

And dare we not forget all of the local musicians either.  There is just something about some of Koos Kombuis’ songs that really, really speak to me.  And tickles me too.  And as for my brother’s music.  Suffice it to say, that I am his very biggest fan.  And my brother-in-law, Robin Auld’s music?  Funny enough, I am his biggest fan too.  I know all the lyrics to every single song.  Seriously.  And what with me being his sister-in-law, I’m sure it’s just a little bit creepy for him.  But I’m getting myself under control more and more these days.  I’m not continually asking for his autograph half as much anymore. 

And maybe herein lies the trick.  Not to limit yourself to just one awesome tune.  But to rather have a whole complete soundtrack.  Like a tape or a record from the old days.  With an “A” and a “B” side. 

No, wait.  I’ve got it!  Volumes of soundtracks.  Now that’s more like it.  Volume 1.  Volume 2.  Etc.

Or even a “Soundtrack of my life 2013” kind of thing.  Now we’re talking. 

Okay, okay!  Let’s not muck around anymore.  Perhaps my soundtrack should be an MP3 disc – that way it can hold loads and loads and loads of songs.  No wait, a huge hard drive with songs.  I would hate to have to limit myself, due to space constrictions.

I could add some Nirvana.  A little bit of Linkin Park.  Then there’s Midnight Oil, The Police…..
Soundtrack to my life - Volume 1

I think this is an AWESOME idea!

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  1. Awesome!!
    So I see this blog as part I - incomplete!

    I am waiting fro Part II with some of those tunes!