Saturday, 22 December 2018

Hi there old friend, it's been a while...

Hi there old friend, it's been a while...
22 December 2018

Hi there old friend, it’s been a while.  And I have missed you dearly.  So much so!  You were my solace, my quiet space, my place to reflect and my non-judging companion.  Always listening, ever patient, indulgent of my efforts and celebrating my victories with me.  Rejoicing in my children, my family and the simple joy I get out of everyday seemingly small things.  Things that bring me great happiness and that give me that warm fuzzy feeling.  That fill my soul with gratitude, appreciation and love.  You enjoyed my quirky sense of humour and we had lots of fun together. 

Now I know I’ve been gone for a ridiculously long time.  And I don’t want to make promises I can’t keep.  Promises of seeing you every day.  Of hanging out together.  But I’d like to try to see more of you.  So here’s my request.  Please don’t sulk keyboard and PC.  Let’s take it slowly and rekindle our mutual joy in being together again.

Just lately, I’ve been asked by two different people from very different walks of life, with very different businesses, to write them a little blurb.  A year end newsletter for parents and a Maths website intro.  Firstly, I LOVED it!  It was so satisfying and rewarding.  And secondly, I was so humbled by their love and appreciation for the trail of words I’d strung together.  Overflowing gratitude for such an easy enjoyable task.  So it made me think, and it made me miss, and it made me long.

I’ve always forgotten that there’s an audience out there when I write.  Because in my mind, it’s just me.  My keyboard.  Spell check.  And my PC.  And I’m always quite taken aback when I realise that others might read what I’ve written.  Like it’s a huge surprise.  Which is silly, yet true.  Cause when it’s just me, my keyboard, spell check and my PC, I don’t really write for an audience.  Sorry, but it’s true.  I’m having a conversation.  Albeit mostly with me.

So here’s by checkered writing past.  I did my beloved blog for a few years.  I’ve always done speeches for special celebrations like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and just of late, I’ve done two funerals.  Not because I particularly love public speaking (who does), but because I love words.  And I enjoy playing with them and making them beautiful.  However I also did a weekly wine newsletter for a small boutique wine business for a few years.  Which was rather odd, as I know nothing about wine.  As in nothing.  I don’t even really drink wine.  But the owner would give me a few wine specials and then I’d have carte blanche to do with it what I’d want.  And boy did I have fun.  At the start of each newsletter I’d have to use Google first.  Sauvignon Blanc is a white wine, right?  I think Merlot is red.  Alas, I had a ball.

So why not have fun again?  As is, I have a few half-baked blogs, simply waiting.  Perhaps it’s finally time to dust them down and finish them off.  My mom always tells of people on her travels, enquiring about the blog.  Expressing their love of it, and their sadness that it had stopped.  Which is endearing and terribly sweet.  What? I had a following? Who knew?

Anyway, so perhaps it’s time to have some fun again.

(Please bear with me in my very clumsy efforts, as I've kinda forgotten how to even upload a blogpost)