Thursday, 11 April 2013

My little boy is lots of fun

My little boy is lots of fun
8 April 2013

My youngest little sprog, Cole, has a voracious appetite for fun.  As well as a wild imagination.  He sees endless possibilities everywhere.  The world is his oyster for awesomeness and adventure.  And what a wonderful world he lives in.  Every so often, I join him.

My camera, an easy to use little shoot-and-aim, has finally given up the ghost.  Whilst on our holiday in Kleinbaai, Amber was trying to take a photo of Grant and I, when it made a very wrong noise, and subsequently the flash has died.  And perhaps due to overuse and abuse from me, it might have committed suicide, rather than be subjected to labour again, slogging away taking pics .  I am a photo junkie.  My camera lives in my handbag and I take photos nearly every day.  Because of the very nature of a mik-en-druk as opposed to a zhooshie lens type of camera, it is compact, small, fits in every single bag I own, and simply chugs along with my life.  And I record nearly every event in my children’s lives and mine too, with my camera.  It is my memory aid for the future, to help me remember every single moment of their lives and mine.  Because chances are my memories will fade without the benefit of photos.  And perhaps lots of every day stuff, will simply sift through the cracks of day to day lives and get lost.  But with photos as an awesome record, my memories and theirs will get jogged.  And therefore, to put it bluntly, my children’s EVERYTHING is very well documented.

But alas, without a flash, my camera is pretty much useless.  I have been lusting after a proper big-girl-camera now for quite a while.  Especially since I’ve started the blog and I use so many photo’s in my daily posts.  Because the beauty of a compact camera aside, picture quality does fall by the way side.  Though possibly, the lack of quality is more my fault than the camera’s.  Sorry beloved Nikon, for blaming you for my shortcomings.  I am not knowledgeable about photography at all, and I focus on volume of pics.  My logic tells me that because I don’t take really good pics, if I take lots of pics, I’m pretty much guaranteed, by the law of averages to have a few great pics every so often.  It would simply be unfair if this was not true.  And pretty much, so far so good.  It certainly works to a degree, but my poor camera – eish, she works hard.

And so now, I’m at the mercy of Grant’s camera.  He swears high and low by his cell phone camera on his Samsung (something or other), and I’ve pretty much been given his old shoot-and-aim.  Which is probably not a bad camera.  For one, it is a newer camera than my old one.  But to be honest, it’s not going well.  Panasonic and I have not yet become friends.  We are cautiously circling each other, weighing each other up.  For me, the jury is still out.  It seems less user friendly, but perhaps that’s just Nikon loyalty talking.

And amidst my camera despair, I looked over some of the photos I’ve taken this past month, on my gold old faithful.  And even back further than that.  And in so many of them, Cole is just such a hoot.  A real screamer.  He is the funniest little boy, with oodles of personality and lots of charm.  Which is just as well.  Because at times, he drives me around the bend.  If it wasn’t for that charm, I simply don’t know if he would have survived this long.  He’s always pulling funny faces, he loves dressing up and he is the quirky-comeback-king.  His snappy retorts and comments are usually priceless.  And at times, I marvel at the fact that he must have balls the size of melons, due to his bravery.  I think it is part of his leap-before-I-look outlook on life.  He just forges on ahead and lets the cards fall where they will.  Like the time he said to Grant (his bald father), “Daddy, I’m going to take a khoki and draw a line down your head and then your head will look like a bum”.  Gotta love that kid!  Or when Grant is in a particularly foul mood he calls him “Old Grumpy Grantie”.  Yip, huge balls.

Cole is always game for an adventure.  Or a spot of exploration.  New things intrigue him.  This in itself is a marvellous characteristic.  Though, as a mother, it troubles me greatly.  He is going to try everything there is to try out there and therefore I have to ensure that his grounding now is rock solid.  We cannot afford a wobbly foundation with him.  In all likelihood, he will also be the child that has the most broken bones, sprains and the likes too.  He is willing to leap off anything, just about irrespective of height and potential for danger.  He will jump into anything.  Taste anything – burny or not.  A real little daredevil.  In fact, I suspect that he has a whole host of guardian angels who look after him.  My other kids might need but one or two.  But not Cole.  He needs whole team of them.  Probably doing shift work, so that he is protected at all times.  It is pretty much a full time job.

He keeps me on my toes.  At all times.  There is always a sense of uncertainty with him.  Perhaps due to the fact that he is so completely and utterly fearless.  What is he going to do next?  What will the next funny chirp be?  It is pretty much intense.  All the time.

But what fun.  Such a fun child actually.  And I look forward to seeing what he makes of his life one day.  Where he’ll end up.  That is of course if I live long enough to enjoy him.  Because he gives me heart palpitations rather regularly.

And so I include a few pics of some of his most recent antics.

We often refer to him as “The Family Clown”.  And I’m sure that after looking at these photos you’ll be able to deduce why.

Grant was away on business and so Cole asked if he could sleep with me.  No problem, I said.  It is always fun having a nice warm little boy in the bed to cuddle with.  Except that there was no nice warm little boy lying in my bed, when I finally went to sleep.  Instead I found a little monster.  Fast asleep.

This gave me a good giggle - who knows how he kept it in his mouth even in his sleep

Cole pulling a familiar Cole face - proudly showing off the cherry he threw in a game of darts

The other day, I wore one of my favourite shirts ever.  One I actually wear quite often - Luke's old Superman t-shirt from when he was about 10 years old.  It didn't take Cole long to dash off to put on his Superman t-shirt too.  How sweet, I thought.  Until I saw the following pic.

That's my boy!
Cole dressed up for dinner on Christmas - the only thing missing from his ensemble, was a thick gold chain, draped around his neck

Senor Cole's in da house

Yo-yo homeboy get down!
Cole seriously digs Wolverine and so in order to get the whole Wolverine look down pat, he cellotaped cake forks onto his fingers, to use as claws.  What can I say.  Rather clever actually! 
Cole demonstrating using his "claws" to pick up some Fling chips
It works!!!
Victory!!!  A plan succeeds!
As I do every night, I asked Cole to set his uniform out for the following day.  And this is what I saw when I went to check up on him.  I told you he was fun!
Cole - or is it really Cole?

Personally I think he has the whole Rihanna thing going for him

Complete with diva attitude

Those little buns are my best!

What can I say?  He shines bright like a diamond.
The rock star look

Ja, well, no, fine

Perhaps Cindi Lauper?

This is his version of a pout

Just check those little legs out - dress up fun in the dress-up room at Muisnes 


  1. He is such a great kid! Goofyness is good. You can all be very proud of him, he is a treasure to all that know him. Lindsay

  2. Needs his hole pounded like a real sissy slut

    1. Why did a perverted, dark and twisted pedophile come here to troll? We need a good troll swatter, and better security o keep them out of here. Also, keep taking pics cause kids grow up so fast.