Wednesday, 3 April 2013

My sister is the best

My sister is the best
3 April

I met the silliest woman ever today.  She happened to mention in conversation, that her sister was the best.

How daft!  Not to mention rude, subjective and biased too.  I mean, she hasn’t even met my sister yet.  And therefore, I find her statement rather ridiculous.  Clearly it is not based on fact.  How could it be?  Anyone who met my sister, would unanimously agree that SHE truly is the best.

And though I might in fact appear biased in turn with my statement, I am not.  I can back up my claim.

Firstly, my sister gave birth to the most perfect niece ever.  And though this might indeed sound biased too, it’s not.  A mere look at our darling little Honey (fondly called Honeypot, Pottie and The Pot), should be sufficient evidence to substantiate my claims.  Secondly, she took one for the team.  For the whole family in fact.  How?  Well, she married one of my favourite musicians of all time.  Ever.  Her Sokkie, a.k.a. Robin, a.k.a. Robin Auld – a musical giant.  And by selflessly, taking Robin as her own, she effortlessly secured us with instant and ready access to him always.  As in, he plays the guitar at our family Xmas concerts.  Or at my 40th Birthday party.  Or when we’re all casually sitting on the stoep at Kleinbaai, just relaxing and taking in the view.  Or occasionally even in my lounge.  And now, due to her nuptials with Robin, she also by some seeming miracle, presented me with a further two nieces and a nephew too.  Without even necessitating the need for lengthy pregnancies and tedious, painful births.  Incredible!  And what amazing kids they are.  Fabulous cousins to my three and all round genuinely nice people.  There is the beautiful Kati, who at 23, is a child no longer.  She is a gorgeous, talented girl.  A gifted journalist with Get-Away Magazine and I always enjoy her articles.  She is level headed, has a passion for travel, music, festivals and is exceptionally bright.  And by that I mean that she doesn’t just glow with inner beauty, but with intelligence too.  She is far too good at philosophy and discussing the mysteries of life in general and as for her linguistic skills and extensive vocabulary!  It is enough to reduce us mere mortals, to….. mortals.  At eighteen, Cory I believe has emerged from the terrible cloak of teenagerdom (though I don’t actually think he had it all that bad).  He is finishing up his GCSE’s (which is supposedly the UK equivalent of our matric), in May/June and will then take some time off, before hopefully starting his studies next year January in our SA.  He is a roller blader of note, really enjoys cooking and is a computer wunderkind.  Though I believe that roller blading is his great passion in life.  I suppose alongside his X-Box, his PC, his mates, chicks, parties and his love of dark music.  And then there’s our Alex.  At sixteen, she is a beauty.  She is completely and utterly animal batty, and I can see her following a career path enabling her to work with them.  She is exceptionally quirky, with a truly wicked sense of humour and her goodness just shines out of her.  Such a loving and lovable girl.

But these are not my sister’s only areas of brilliance.  Good heavens, no.  She is besotted with my kids.  An affliction and affection which is completely and utterly reciprocated by my kids.  They adore her.  And what’s not to love.  She’s always in their corner.  She spoils them.  She’s funny and quirky and given to loud exclamations and spontaneous bouts of random dancing and general acts of ridiculous silliness.  She really listens to them and shows an interest in them.  She makes them laugh and I think part of her charm is that she’s half woman, half child.  A truly delightful combo.

Grant and Katrine also have a very special bond.  And perhaps it comes from Katrine’s youthful adoration of him, when we first started dating.  I do believe that at ten years old, she loved him just as much as I did.  In fact, I had to continually bat her away from him.  And believe you me, at ten she was not subtle at all.  She simply loved him.  And that love has lasted, though it is of the brotherly type and they are very close even now.

And then, I selflessly love my Foefie for her love, support and encouragement she gives me in all that I do.  She is kindness itself.  She always tells me I’m skinny, irrespective of my actual weight.  She always tells me I’m beautiful, irrespective of the truth behind that statement.  She always tells me that I’m a good mom, even when I have really bad-mom-days.  She always tells me that my kids are amazing, even when they have less-than-amazing-days.  She always praises me for my job successes and my business acumen.  She praises me for my generosity of spirit, my loving nature, my loyalty to those I love, my role as a good friend and confidant.  Stuff, I give her continuous praise and support for too.  Because everything above is true for her.  More so than for me.

Yet, we couldn’t be more different.  She’s the ham to my cheese, the zoom lens to my camera, the laces to my shoes, the pencil for my paper, the lid to my pot.

And I love her with all my heart.  She is quite simply, the best. 

Love you Foefie!

Katrine and her Robin (well, actually he is now our Robin - communal family property and all that)

The Pottie a few years ago - absolutely edible

The Pot is theeeee biggest Justin "Bieper" fan ever

Fabulous pic of Foefie and her old Sokkie

Cory and Alex - it is rare to have a sighting of Cory with both eyes, though we do know he actually possesses a set of them - he normally obscures at least one with a hoodie

Our Robin in action

Katrine with some of her chilluns - sadly Kati is absent

Five of the Aulds

The beautiful Kati

The gorgeous Alex

Robin and Kati

Katrine and Honeypot

Kati with Jaxin - her brother from another mother.  Though technically that's not really right.  He's actually her brother from another father.  Such a cool guy and a real character.

Cory and Honey

The cutie little Pottie

Alex having one of those bird-trying-to-peck-my-hair type of moments - told she was animal mad

Alex has very WOW hair - magnificent!



  1. Best blog yet, and I think we're gonna keep Katrine :)

  2. Lovely! I remember Robin performing at Blaauwberg Beach in the late 80's or early 90's at the Gunston Boardsailing Competition.He rocked the place!

  3. This is a lovely tribute to your remarkable sister! How lucky I am to have such exceptional children. I am ever grateful that all of you get on so well = spice and all!