Thursday, 11 April 2013

Don't drink and post on Facebook

Don't drink and post on Facebook
11 April 2013

We were way luckier in my misspent youth.  There were far less accurate recordings of our misdoings and our critical lapses in judgement.  The youth of today, is less fortunate.

Way back then, cameras were more bulky and less accessible.  They were rather expensive and prestigious and you were cautious about taking it just anywhere.  They weren’t digital and operated on old fashioned spools of film.  They were pricey and took a while to develop.  It was a laborious task too.  You had to wind it up after each shot, and reload the film when it was finished.  The flash had to be put on in advance and you had to wait for it to warm up.  It made a pinging ringing sort of sound, when it was ready.  When your film was full, you had to take it down to the local pharmacy if they had a dark room or a specialist dedicated photographic shop.  And every so often, in your enthusiasm to take you film out, you were perhaps a bit too energetic and ruined the film, by letting light onto it.  Destroying every single photo in the process.

Not everyone had cameras either.  Kids most certainly didn’t.  Cameras were the expensive toys of parents and adults.  A much coveted item and something that one yearned after.  And dreamed of owning one day.  When you were big.

Nowadays, simply everyone has one.  Even the most basic of cell phones have cameras too, and the quality on some of them, is remarkably good.  They operate on many pixels, ensuring sharp picture quality.  Some have standard filters and effects.  And if not, with a simple app download, you can get these easy enough.  Many of them free.

Now the downfall of our cameras-for-all-ages-era, is the combo of drinking and posting on Facebook.  Man, oh man!  Discretion has fallen by the wayside.  With the mere click of a button, even the most inebriated person, can upload a ill-chosen photo onto Facebook.  And I have seen some wicked ones out there.

Having fun, is awesome.  Having a few toots while you’re having fun, awesome too.  Having too many toots and then posting inappropriate photos onto Facebook?  Not awesome at all. 

Call me a fuddy-duddy if you like.  It’s just my opinion.  A short while ago, I was lying in bed late one Saturday night (I don’t have the whole rip-roaring-social-life-thing-going-for-me-all-the-time), and as is my habit, I was checking my phone last thing before bed time.  I often scroll onto Facebook and see what’s happening out there.  And then I came across someone who had done the whole “check-in” thing.  You know how people click on “check-in” when they’re out and about.  Sort of tagging where you’re at, at any given time.  And so way after midnight, as I was lying in my bed, I was able to retrace their night, simply by following their tags.  They had gone bar-hopping all over town, judging by the tags.  And to give them their due, the first few photos they posted looked very kosher and all above board.  They were clearly out having a good time.  And why shouldn’t they?  It was a Saturday night after all.  Chances are that if I was footloose and fancy free, I might be jolling too.  I am not judging them.  Or begrudging them either. 

But as the night progressed, the pub “check-ins” added up.  The alcohol levels clearly increased.  And so their wild photo tagging got even wilder.  The expressions more crazy.  The clothing more dishevelled.  The drinks more exotic.  The eyes more bloodshot and red. 

They were clearly having the time of their life.  And big up to them.  They were having a rip-roaring, big, fat jol!  A party of note!

But, I do suspect, that the following morning, once they raised their weary, hung-over, aching, throbbing heads, they most likely regretted their excesses. 

In the bright light of day, most people do.

I wonder how long, they ambled along in their befuddled state, before they checked their Facebook again?  Imagine their horror, when they saw some of those pics.

Which just makes me ever so glad, that the miracle of Facebook, digital cameras and instant tagging was not around for the New Year’s Eve of 1993/1994.  From all accounts, it was a shocker.  And I am so glad that I can’t remember a single thing…..

Because now there is no evidence either.  And as far as I am concerned, every single story I’ve heard about that night, is merely hearsay.  Unverified at best.

Your ill-chosen posts can come back and haunt you

The all seeing lens
Cell phones have awesome cameras and posting onto Facebook happens at the mere click of a button

Personally, this stuff looks like poison to me

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  1. I have so often thought how I would have thrown my name away! Not necessarily due to my regretable response to champagne, but just lifes ups and downs. I KNOW at some point I would have posted something inappropriate and been sooooo sorry! I agree Helene - Phew!!