Thursday, 25 April 2013

Amber and the ball box

Amber and the ball box
25 April 2013

Kids!  Their innocence is amazing and so completely and utterly refreshing.

Their brains are wired differently to ours.  And so often where us adults see stumbling blocks and problems, they see adventure and opportunity.

Their expectations of life are huge.  Anything is possible.  Anything is do-able.

And perhaps one of their biggest aspirations is to be all grown up.  To be taken seriously.  To appear to be knowledgeable and wise.

But somehow in their strive to do all of this, they occasionally only get snippets of knowledge and titbits of truth.  In fact, sometimes they miss the entire plot.

And no one is more adept at this than my Berry.  She sports a pair of elephant sized ears.  And quite often, in listening to overheard conversation, she usually only manages to get the very tail end of a story.  Leading her to leap to conclusions, and make inaccurate assumptions.  She latches on to a word perhaps, and then in her mind weaves a whole long story about it.  Funny enough always picking up on something which she thinks directly affects her.  And is to her personal gain of course.

And so to illustrate, Grant and I might have a conversation about work colleagues coming down for a trip and Grant’s need to book them into accommodation for the duration of their stay.  And so we might be talking about it.  A whole long discussion in fact, and somewhere in that discussion the phrase “maybe just book them into a hotel” might come up.  Which in turn would lead to Amber coming screaming down the passage, “We’re going to stay in a Hotel!!!  That is awesome!  Which Hotel?  How long are we going for?  Do we have to fly there?  Do they have room service?  Is it like the Tipton Hotel from the Suite Life of Zack and Cody?  Who will look after the dogs?  Can we order what we want?  Have they got a swimming pool?  Do they have one of those funny trolleys that they use to bring your bags up to your room?  Do we get those tiny little shampoo and body wash bottles? “

Sigh!!!  She does this with boring regularity.  This very same sense of excitement is also spurred on by uncensored use of the following words:  Chocolate, Disney World, Blackberry, Take-Aways, Sweets, Clothes, Shoes, Make-up, Bigger bedroom, Swimming Pool, Puppy, Sunglasses, Overseas, Holiday, I-pad, Laptop, Facial, TV, Movies, etc.  Pretty much most words in her opinion, can lead straight back to her and her needs.  Poor deprived child.

And perhaps there is no more accurate way of illustrating this, her need for knowledge and her sincere belief that she knows all, than the time we went to fetch Luke from a cricket match at school one afternoon.  Lying there on the sports filed, discarded, was a cricket ball box.  You know a ball box.  That contraption used by the male of the species to protect their precious testes when they are playing ball sports. 

Amber was delighted with her find, screeching delight.  At first, I was unsure about what all the hoopla was about, as I had not seen the ball box at all.  And then, sort of in slow motion, I saw Luke running towards her, bellowing, “No-o-o-o-o”.  You know how they do those effects in movies, when they show stuff in slow motion.  Everything is muffled and hollow and moving at snail paced slow speed.

Unbeknownst to me, Amber had picked the random ball box up, and clapped it over her nose and mouth, to show Luke the “cool” mask she had found.

Yip, she does often only get the back end of a story.  Though, in this case, she sadly got the front end …..
Okay, so I'm willing to concede that there is a wee bit of a similarity
Well, maybe not

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  1. Poor Amber Berry!! Still very funny!! As always very entertaining!! Thank you!!