Friday, 5 April 2013

I'm living the dream

I'm living the dream
5 April 2013

I’m living the dream.  I'm living it right now.  And sometimes, I get so caught up in the day to day grind, that I am unable to appreciate that fact.

The best part of my life, is not still coming.  It's not around the corner or just over the horizon.  Nor is it at the end of the rainbow.  And it hasn't yet passed either. It's not something that happened ages ago and that I'm longing for yet again.  I'm right in the very thick of it, at this exact moment.  In fact, while you're reading this blog.  This very instant mind you.

And you know what?  Chances are, that you're in the very best part of your life too.

I don't think that life is made up of looking towards the perceived highlights.  The highs and the big deals.  The grand gestures.  The fancy, expensive treats.  The holidays.  Of reaching some picture perfect perceived ideal.  The best parts, are the little seemingly inconsequential bits that make up an amazing and miraculous whole.

The slog we're going through now.  The nitty and the gritty.  These are the bits we'll remember in years to come.  And these memories will all attain a golden glow.  They'll bring a smile to our lips and a warmth to our hearts.

I notice this quite clearly when I listen to the army tales of men of my Grantie's age (him too), as well as those of the men that are older.  Back in the days, when compulsory military conscription was still the order of the day.  They all speak with fond recollections of their trials, tribulations and turmoil whilst going through basic training.  They talk about the hardships, the discomfort, the physical exertion.  The lack of sleep, the awful food.  The predictable and mean Sergeant Major or whatever rank he had that was a heartless slave driver.  But they all have a smile on their face when they tell these tails.

And it's exactly the same way kids recall their initiation into High School or Varsity one day.  The struggles of today, form the highlights of tomorrow.

They're character building.  It forces camaraderie.  It humbles you and makes you oh so very, very human.

I suppose in the same way, we remember our children's baby days with the same fondness.  While at the time you feel like you're knee deep in baby poop, haven't slept for six consecutive weeks, and life seems to be a constant merry-go-round of feeding, burping, changing, bathing, rocking to sleep.  Only to start the same cycle all over again.  Day after never ending day.  Yet now, I long for them back again.

And perhaps in the same vein I will look back on these days one day.  Days when I seem in constant battle with an ungrateful teenager who doesn't seem to like me at all.  A daughter who is indulging in eye rolling and an irritated tone of voice more often than I would like.  And a little boy, whose exuberance and strong will drains me to utter depletion.

Perhaps one day, I'll miss these days too.  Because in the blink of an eye they will all have left home.  

And I’ll find myself missing my hormonal teenager.  My eyeball rolling daughter.  And my boisterous little boy.

Yip, more than likely I’m living the dream right now.  I just have to remember it.  And remind myself constantly, that this too shall pass.
Living the dream - having a sundowner on the stoep at Kleinbaai - best place in the world

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  1. I do love and admire the way you seize the day.