Sunday, 21 April 2013

I understand why the female mantis eats her mate

I understand why the female mantis eats her mate
20 April 2013

The bravery of men!  Though perhaps it is not always bravery so much, as stupidity.

To give them their due, some of them are highly intelligent creatures.  Intuitive and wise in their dealings with us womenfolk.  They understand how to best soothe and pacify us.  That their attitude and indeed handling of us, can greatly benefit them.

But some of them?  Not such highly intelligent creatures at all.

And I would like to take this opportunity to humbly apologise to those rather bright and evolved men out there who read my blog.  Clearly you are an advanced form of the species.  This is no way reflects upon you.  You few choice individuals are not this foolhardy and daft (some might call it stupid).  You are given to caution before you speak, unlike your ungifted brethren out there (some might call them stupid).  You are sensitive and are in possession of a highly evolved emotional IQ, or rather EQ.  Unlike some other men.  Who just clearly are not (some might even call them stupid).

Perhaps the problem lies in the fact that men primarily engage only a certain part of their brain.  In fact sometimes an entirely different brain all together.  Not the conventional one, that is powered by grey matter, if you catch my drift.  Quite often, they do their thinking with their brain, which is located a bit to the south.

Personally, I too have suffered from moments where I have considered offing my man.  But then I pull back from the brink.  Just the thought of all the paperwork afterwards would drive me nuts and force reason and sanity to rear it’s sensible head.  As well as the thought, that for some crimes, death is simply too good.  Furthermore, I bet the female mantis suffers from terrible indigestion after her most gruesome meal. 

And so, one such example of male lack of brain engagement in particular comes to mind. 

Women tend to obsess about their weight.  I should know.  I happen to be a women.  And I unhappily obsess too.  With many women, Yo-Yo dieting is often the norm.  And one friend of mine, decided to diet once more.  Or rather again.  She had tried a few options in the past, and this one was a new one for her.  And to give her the credit that is due, she showed remarkable dedication in sticking to her diet.  She was committed and did not cheat at all.  What would be the point?  But dieting is very, very hard work.  You have to say no to temptation and side step many foodie pit stops and pitfalls along the way. Focus is key and keeping your eye on the end goal too.  And so, after a few dedicated weeks of sticking to her guns, she asked her dense husband if he had noticed a difference.  If her dedication was paying off.  If indeed she was in fact looking slimmer and skinnier yet.

And you know what he said?  That most foolish man.

"Your bum is not looking so bulbous anymore".

I think he really misses the sex.
This example of male ignorance, just reinforces my earlier statement, that I fully understand why the female mantis eats her mate.  Perhaps he too commented on the size of her bum…..
The curse of the ever present diet

This won't hurt a bit.

Mrs Mantis, contemplating her next meal...


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