Sunday, 28 April 2013

Spelling - its not four everywon

Spelling - its not four everywon
28 April 2013

Its troo.  Spelling is not four everywon.  It can be difikult.  Espesialy if stuf is confusing.

Sum words, sound won way, but yu rite them another weigh.  It wood be so much eesier if yu cood just rite stuf the way yu sed them.  But noooo.  That wood be to eesy.  And then we woodnt need diktionaries.  So praps that's the reeson.  Its like job kreashon.

Sumtimes yu have to konsentrate reely hard.  Like when u want to rite which.  Like which witch rode a broom?  She did  see a flea when she flew past the sea.  Which made the witch flea.  But waai is it so confuzing?

And wat can make it even more difikult, is if yu are aktualy Afrikaans.  Then yu have to think hard if an oranje is called  an orange or a lemon.  Or even a melon for that kase.  And wat does half past too mean aktualy?  Becose yu seigh it diferently in Afrikaans.

Sew yu alweighs need to hav your thincking kap on.

But wat makes speling even more chalenjing is wen peepel use abreviashions, like when they rite mesages on their sel phones.  Then things get realy wakkie.  It is interesting figuring out wat they meen.  Sumtimes yu can even meik misteiks.  And misunderstand their meening altogether.  Yu kan get a compleetly rong idee.

Shoe! It is trikie I tel yu.

However, I am very lucky.  I was born with an internal spell checker.  It is a blessing and an ability and most likely the luck of the draw.  Something I've had no hand in at all.  Possibly, I got my spelling gift to make up for my lack of sporting ability.  Sort of a consolation prize of sorts.

Though my gift is not infallible.  Occasionally I falter.  And in cases like these, I feel super blessed that my computer also has an internal spell checker.  Just like me.  Still a real paper dictionary is unbeatable.  It simply smells of knowledge, the second you open it up.

Some words, I consciously select to spell wrong.  And so I choose to write "thanx" instead of "thanks".  I just prefer the way it looks.  In the same way, I prefer Xmas to Christmas.  However this could all stem from my feelings of sympathy towards one of the least liked and least used letters in the alphabet.  The very humble, "x".  A horror-inspiring letter to receive if you're playing Scrabble for sure.

Still, I do enjoy witnessing the odd spelling faux pas.  It always brings a smile to my lips and most often a little lift to my heart.

And so this past Saturday, the universe left me a little gift.  She's kinda clever that way, and likes to spoil every so now and then.  And so as I parked my car outside the Cash Crusaders at the Mall, and I pulled my hand break up, I glanced across my bonnet, straight ahead at the shop in front of me.

And there it was.  My most perfect gift.  Standing right outside the shop, was a used couch.  A used couch, that had most likely just been sold to someone who was unable to remove said couch right away, as they were most probably still doing a spot of shopping at the Fruit and Veg shop, right next door.  And so, in warning and to lay claim to their ownership, they left a little note.  A note warning all and sundry to not sit on their couch as it had been sold.  But what a delightful slang Afrikaans they used to describe it.

And for those of you, not proficient in Afrikaans, I must apologise as it is very difficult to accurately translate.  The very language they used, evoked a certain feeling.  As well as deep seated appreciation for the accent and intonation of the spoken words, should they be uttered.  Naturally I felt compelled to walk over and take a pic.  On my camera and on my phone.

I immediately sent it on to the Lombards at large on both bbm group and on whatsapp.  Predictably it didn't take long for them to respond.

And so, for those of you, not proficient in Afrikaans, but rather proficient in English, I include this little gem, as forwarded by my aunt Trish.

She saw this on a hand drawn poster, advertising the Oscar nominated movie, Gorillas in the Mist.

Though sadly it was spelt, "Querillas in the Midst".

And all I can say in response is, "Bewootiful! Simply gorjis! Exxelent!".
The sign on the couch

"Don't sit - it is sold"

Outside Cash Crusaders at the Mall


  1. Love his one Helene!I am so challenged when it comes to spelling - the computer spell checker says " No suggestions found!!"

  2. Love it Helene!
    Got a few gems while teaching, but sadly didn't write them down!
    I honestly believe the tendency to spell well, lives in the genes, and it is, as you say, the luck of the draw.