Thursday, 12 February 2015

I worry about important stuff - like traffic circles

I worry about important stuff - like traffic circles
12 February 2015

Never let it be said that I’m not a deep thinker.  Someone who gives thought to the world and how she works.

Now I might appear to be all airy, fairy and fluff on the top.  But deep inside, my mind is twisting and turning.  Thinking deep thoughts. 

Never mind the horrors of famine, 3rd world debt, testicular cancer, our failing education system, the disaster that is Eskom (our most unreliable source of no power), rife unemployment and the fact that I can’t find a download for The Walking Dead Season 5.

No sirree Bob.  Apart from all of the above, I have even deeper thoughts…

And, quite naturally, they involve double lane traffic circles.  I kid you not. 

Of all the ridiculous things to give energy too!  Yet, there it is.  Double bloody lane, traffic bloody circles.

Cause here’s the thing.  A one lane traffic circle, is rather easy to traverse.  You merely yield to the right.  Wait your turn.  And drive around the flat looking fried egg in the road.  And take the turn-off you need.  Easy peasy lemon squeezie.  In fact, I find traffic circles rather charming.  Really helps with traffic flow, and it’s a fair and equal system.  Courtesy is called upon, and if everyone plays by the rules, it’s great.
And then, some blithering eejit, decided to think out of the box.  And “invented” the double lane traffic circle.  Blithering eejit indeed.

It’s actually a no-brainer.  The rules are as such.  The person on the outside lane, can turn off at any exit.  Yet, the person on the inside lane, may not.


Do they simply go round and round until they run out of petrol?  Do they eventually go completely mental from getting dizzy being stuck in their perpetual spinning cycle?  And do only the young, brave and foolish, eventually risk “breaking the law”, as well as life and limb, to try and exit the circle?

Because I’m pretty much convinced.  That right at this moment.  In fact at any given time.  There are simply hosts of dithering old dotties and shrinking grey-haired men, wearing hats and peering over their steering wheels.  Who’ve been stuck in the double lane traffic circle, at the Mall closest to them, since Wednesday morning, when the popped down for the Pensioner’s breakfast special at the Wimpy.

If only I worried about real stuff.  Like our Jacob Zuma’s State of the Nation address today, the state of our economy, the escalating crime, failing health care, and the fact that I can’t find any nice big mangoes at the moment…
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