Saturday, 11 May 2013

Thanx to all the Moms

Thanx to all the Moms
11 May 2013

Thanx to all the Moms out there.  For all that you do.  For your sacrifices and your love and your nurturing and caring nature.

But most of all thanx to the Moms:

  • That teach "please" and "thank you"
  • That teach saying "sorry"
  • That teach caring for others
  • That teach good sportsmanship - it is shocking to see how many bad little sports boys and girls there are out there - thrown sticks, bats and rackets on occasion
  • That teach selflessness
  • That teach tolerance
  • That teach acceptance
  • That teach humility
  • That teach dedication
  • That teach follow-through
  • That teach commitment
  • That teach empathy
  • That teach helpfulness
  • That teach independence - I am not so good with this and tend to over-help my kids
  • That teach loving of self and others
  • That teach the power of apology
  • That teach sincerity
  • That teach diligence
  • That teach completing a task you start
  • That teach patience
  • That teach respect
  • That teach manners
  • That teach forgiveness
  • That teach making eye contact
  • That teach honesty
  • That teach polite behaviour
  • That teach right from wrong
  • That teach the value of family
  • That teach how to be a good friend
  • That teach how to keep your word
  • That teach hygiene
  • That teach healthy habits
  • That teach courtesy
  • That teach kindness
  • That teach respect for elders
  • That teach integrity
  • That teach wisdom
  • That teach accountability
  • That teach consequences for actions
  • That teach self-worth
  • That teach morals and values
  • That teach self-confidence and self-belief
Moms teach a lot.

But perhaps the biggest reason to say thanx to Moms for all of the above, is that apart from educating our youth, and thereby our future, and making our world a better place to live in, children learn through the examples that are set for them.  And thus these mothers are exhibiting this behaviour too.  How can our world not be a good place with them at the helm?

And so I say a huge big THANK YOU to all of the awesome Moms out there.  I salute you on Mother’s Day.  One and all.  Viva Moms of the world!  Viva!

And to the Moms in my life, thank you and I love you!  Not all of you are my birth mother.  Some are my grandmothers, some are my aunts, some are old friends of my mother, some are simply amazing Moms that I admire.  You have all taught me much and I thank you for your wisdom and knowledge. 

But to that one special Mom, that I’ve known for over forty years – you are my rock, my stability, my fiercest supporter, my confidant, my champion, my sounding board, my ra-ra-team, my confidence-boost, my voice of reason, my best friend, my most beautiful example of unconditional love.

And for that I love you madly.  Happy Mother’s Day Mommy! 

My most amazing Marmie!
It's true!
How lucky am I?


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  1. All mother are great for love,she give,teach several things always there by us younger or older,Best regard from Belgium.Have a nice moher day