Friday, 10 May 2013

Small things amuse small minds

Small things amuse small minds
10 May 2013

Small things amuse small minds.  I should know.  I have one.  A small mind that is.

I am able to find delight and entertainment in seeming insignificant little things.  Something as simple as a good book, a perfect sunrise, the smell of the sea at Kleinbaai, staring into the flames of a fire burning in the fireplace, a hug from one of my kids, a warm toasty bed, a Sudoku puzzle, a cuddle with Grant, watching a butterfly flitting about, a fabulous puzzle, speaking to one of my favourite people, a beautiful song, a chortle of laughter, a piece of good news, seeing kindness, a good mini-series, an awesome movie, etc.  I don’t need the big things in life to live a joyful life.  I am quite happy with small pleasures and I am able to fully appreciate them. 

However, a small mind, is not to be confused with a narrow mind.  That is something entirely different, and something I don’t appreciate at all.  And I would like to think that though I am in possession of a small mind, I have been spared the presence and “gift” of a narrow mind.

I enjoy being stretched.  In being challenged.  In exploring different possibilities.  In being open minded.  In being non-judgemental.  In making allowances for the differences of others.  Of not thinking my viewpoint is the only viewpoint.  Of being accepting of people with opposing views to mine.  Different sexual orientations.  Different ethnic groups.  Different customs and cultures.  Different religions.  My way is NOT better than your way.  It is just different.

So often, it is sad to see how fellow human being criticize one another.  How they judge each other.  And perhaps this is the cause of much strife in our world.  The cause of disputes, arguments, fights.  And war.

The irony of course being the pious few, who think that they are not judgemental.  Who think of themselves as better than others.  And perhaps by saying all of this, I am being judgemental?  Though I do think you understand the gist of what I’m getting at.

Tolerance and acceptance is a great skill to teach your kids.  Prejudice, is not.  Embrace those that are different from you.  Learn all you can from them.  Have your opinions, stick to them if you must.  But listen to those of others.  Hear what they are saying.

But for now, back to small minds.  And the particularly miniscule small size of mine.  I have been known to enjoy being silly.  To laugh simply because I can.  To build puzzles.  To sing out loud.  To dance when I feel like it.  To dream big dreams.  To annoy my kids on purpose, just to make them laugh eventually.  To cherish relationships with people.  To nurture those relationships.  To add food colouring to food, to simply make it look different and more exciting.  To focus on small little things that hold importance to me.  To read.  To get stuck in a mini-series.  To delight in a comfy pair of jeans and love them with a passion.  To finding myself unable to stop collecting things.  Things others might discard, but that appear beautiful to me.  Silly little things like sea glass that has been smoothed by the continual pounding of the waves, sand and rocks. 

Perhaps this is the key to a happy life?  To take joy and beauty wherever you can.  To enjoy the little things in life.  But at the same time, to dream big, to think big and to live big.

Because the alternative is simply far too restricting and robs one of possibilities.

Besides which, life is what you make of it. 

So to quote Nike,

It's true!
 Now this amuses me.  A LOT!!!


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