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What I've learnt from Disney, Pixar and Dreamworks

What I've learnt from Disney, Pixar and Dreamworks
26 July 2013

Not all of my education was received at school and university.  Nor in the home of my parents.  It can be said, that a large portion of my knowledge of the world, and how it works, can be attributed to Disney, Pixar and Dreamworks too.

Animated movies teach us lots!

Thanx to Finding Nemo, I often catch myself saying the phrase, "Just keep swimming", in the wise words of the ditzy Dory.  Especially when finding myself feeling overwhelmed, and wanting to just give up, I repeat her refrain over and over again.  And truly it helps.

Like Grew in Despicable Me, I've come to appreciate "Light Bulb!" moments every so often.  When everything just all of sudden makes sense.  Oprah would have called it an "Aha" moment.  But somehow I prefer "Light Bulb!" just so much more.  It is exceptionally expressive and paints a picture with words.  Simple yet effective.

The Jungle Book has taught me that though creature comforts are nice, the "Bare Necessities" will do just fine and is more than ample.  Appreciation for the little things in life is valuable.

With regards to relationships, Tarzan has taught me that it is equally important for both partners to compromise.  That you can't be someone other than yourself, to make another person happy.

Ice Age has highlighted the fact that one fine day, the food might dry up and that it's important to think ahead.  Furthermore, you never know who you'll end up having around you.  And that you can't always choose your companions.  So best you make peace with the lot you've been given.  Sometimes the initially unwanted friends, end up as the very best of friends.  The ones you can’t live without.

I've come to appreciate the "Circle of life" thanx to the Lion King.  There is a time and a place for everything.  People come and people go.

Antz taught me that on my own, I might not be able to move mountains.  But collectively, combined with a whole bunch of likeminded individuals, given a common goal, we could move quite a few of them.  Being a part of a team is special and gives you power.

The Cat in the Hat taught me to never leave my kids home alone unintended.  Especially on days when the sun was not sunny.  Furthermore it has fostered a deep mistrust of both cats and things.  In particular things called "Thing 1" and "Thing 2".

Thanx to Toy Story I have learnt to reach for the skies and not feel limited.  It has given me the courage to set my sights on going to "Infinity and beyond!", with the firm belief that it is indeed attainable .

From Shrek I learnt that every man's home is his Castle and that problems with unwanted squatters even occur in the animated world.  And so I've protected my swamp with all the means at my disposal.

From Mrs Potato Head in Toy Story I've learnt the value of women looking out for their men and helping them to pack for long journeys.  Before Mr Potato Head embarks on a trip she ensures that he has an extra pair of shoes, as well as his angry eyes - just in case.

The Sharks in Finding Nemo confirmed my long held suspicions that fish should not be eaten.  It cemented my aversions towards them, as Bruce the shark admonished that "Fish are friends, not food".  And hence we have a long history of avoiding eating fish and instead rather focus on keeping them as pets.

Phileas Fogg, during his misadventures around the world in 80 days, illustrated the confusion around time zones.  And so I continually strive to comprehend the concept of daylight savings and the rest of the world turning their clocks either backwards or forward.  Not quite sure I’ll ever figure it out.

Barbie made me appreciate the value of really good hair and how awesome it can make you feel.  It also stressed upon me the importance of the colours pink and purple.

Asterix and Obelix taught me that little unsuspecting and apparently insignificant groups of people, like an indomitable village, can through sheer force of will and unity, hold out against the masses.  And not buckle under the pressure to conform and follow the herd like sheep.

Happy Feet has shown me that sometimes the odd person out, the different one, is the only truly special one around.  And so therefore I'm quite happy to fly my freak flag.  I'm loopy and I know it.

And through Shrek I have learnt that things don't always work out the way you envision it and that looks aren't all that's important.  That things sometimes work out exactly the way they should.

Despicable Me has given me a deep yearning for little yellow capsule shaped minions of my own.  They would do my bidding and deal with all that I ask of them.  However they would utterly adore me.  As I would them.

And so I'm sure you'll agree that there certainly is a place for animated movies in our lives.  They teach morals, life lessons and give us a good laugh in the bargain.

And therefore all I can say is, "Bring it on".  I simply love it!

In the words of the great Fred Flintstone, animated movies ROCK!

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  1. Such wisdom from such fine movies!! Lovely blog, Helene!