Thursday, 11 July 2013

Happy 300th!!!

Happy 300th!!!
11 July 2013

Holy Toledo!  It simply can’t be!  How is it possible?  My 300th blog post – I find it really hard to believe.

When I started my blog, I remember thinking, “Here goes not much.  Wonder if I’ll run out of stories?  What if I haven’t got enough to say?”.

Clearly this has not been a problem for me.  Does that mean that I’m super opinionated?  The well is not appearing to run dry.  There is still so much out there.  Not sure how good any of the stuff is, but still I continue to find joy and inspiration all around me. 

The month of July has actually been quite a good one, milestone wise for the blog.  I have just done my 300th post, on the 18th of July it will be exactly one year since I started, and I crossed the 80 000 views mark.  In fact, I'm racing towards the 85 000 mark.  A whole bunch of biggies all squished in to one month.

Perhaps one of my greatest joys with the blog, is the constant churning in my head, with new awesome ideas.  Hey, at least they’re awesome to me.  I love the process of nearly giving birth to a story.  Of the excitement and rush that I get when I’m writing it and loving the way it’s unfolding.  Typing ever faster and faster, lest the ideas in my head be lost.  And also wanting to see where it leads.  How each story will unfurl itself and end.  It’s like a big surprise packet – each and every story.

I start with a one-liner or a phrase, usually the title, and build the story around that.  Such fun!

Very often I type them up on my BlackBerry.  Standing in the queue at Checkers, waiting for the kids at school, etc.  I usually have a few I’m doing at the same time.  And when I am struck with inspiration, I quickly type up my one-liner, and as and when the opportunity strikes, I write the story.  Sometimes I start one and only finish it weeks later.  Still it lies there brewing the whole time, still managing to tweak my interest and keep me guessing.  And plotting too.

I want to thank each and every person that has read one of mine.  I appreciate you giving the time.  I hope I have kept you entertained with a window into my wacky world.  Perhaps I’ve made you think.  Hopefully I’ve made you laugh.  I truly value the feedback you give me.  The interaction we’ve had.  I’ve come to know you a bit better, and I’m sure you’ve come to know me a lot better too.

Looking very much forward to continuing this journey with you.

Readers are da bomb!  You guys rock!

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I couldn't find a nice enough pic on the Internet to use in order to celebrate the momentous occasion of my 300th blog post.  And so I had a flash of inspiration and decided to simply write it on my hand and take a photo of it.  I thought it was rather clever!

But then I thought it looked a bit plain and boring.  Needless to say I got a bit carried away.  It is now nearly 36 hours since I scribbled on my hand and took the photo.  Still can't get all of the PERMANENT ink off.  The little coloured-in heart on the tip of my thumb is proving to be the most problematic.  Not so clever after all!


  1. Thanks for all the reads, laughter and thought provoking bloggs! Love your outlook on situations! As i have previously said, love my daily reads! Linz.

  2. Just LOVE the blog every single day!! Some are sad, some funny, some make you think, many make you laugh! So glad you got plenty more in you!

  3. Congratulations Helene!!
    I pleasure - each one, and a highlight for me and many others, to look out for each day!