Thursday, 25 July 2013

The kids outnumber the adults

The kids outnumber the adults
25 July 2013

You know you've got problems, when the kids outnumber the adults at home.

And at times I feel really sorry for poor Grant, with the four of us.  No, seriously, I'm usually an adult.  Most times.  Well, sometimes.  In some ways even more so than Grant.  We each have different child-rearing strengths and areas in which we excel.  But luckily we complement one another with our parenting styles and form a perfect partnership.

Still, the kids do outnumber the adults three to two.  And when it comes to perseverance and having an eye on a communal child-friendly goal, they do occasionally join forces and band together in pursuit of their common cause.  Clearly, number wise, Grant and I are at a distinct disadvantage.

However, collectively Grant and I are a respectable 84 and seniority has to count for something.  We regularly cash-in our senior citizen chips and play the age card.  Respect your elders, blah-blah-blah.  We're older than you, blah-blah-blah.  We weren't born yesterday, blah-blah-blah.  We were also once young.  This one however does make them snigger with disbelief as if to say "Impossible!  Pull the other one!”  This hardly endears them to us.

And as for them?  Well, all the three of them can scrounge up and muster, is a measly 35.  They're practically kids!  Hey, hang on a minute.  That's right.  They are still kids.  And best I don't forget that fact.

I love my kids.  I really, really do.  But sometimes I feel like they're playing a game of tag.  One that's called, "let's-tire-the-parents-out-with-our-constant-demands".  More than likely, my kids aren't even all that demanding.  And their demands are also usually pretty reasonable too.  But there just seems so many of them!  Children that is - and I actually really want more.  The problem though is their tag game.  And like most children's games, it gets old.  You know exactly what I mean.  One can only play Go-catch-a-fish, Eye Spy or Hide-and-go-seek so many times.  The same goes for the parental-demands-tag-game too.  It somehow makes me want to revert to my own childhood, as I feel like playing tag too.  I want to tap Grant on the shoulder and say, "It's you!" or "You're it!".  But I suspect that he feels the same.

Every so often, I find myself yearning for a den.  Never mind yearning - I need one.  If a silly kids game like “On-On” can have a den, surely I deserve one too?  This is usually the point when I go and hide in the bathroom.  It's my sanctuary and my haven.  And as a place of safety and reprieve, it is most certainly adequate.  In addition there is usually fabulous reading material in there and it comes with a lock on the door.  Pity there are no snacks, though.  Still one can't have it all.

So I'm left to wonder how I would cope if my dearest wish came true and I had another child?  Because much as I desire another little body and person to love, there is the potential that it might just push me over the edge. 

Yet somehow I think I would indeed cope.  I would simply stretch to accommodate another little person.  And grow another heart.

However I would have to step up the bathroom security somewhat for my moments of escape.  Possibly barbed wire.  Maybe electric fencing. 

And definitely a snack fridge.

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  1. Fabulous Helene!!You would of course cope very well with another.
    But they are a handful now.
    I suggest you keep thinking of how you can build a little snack fridge into bathroom - a great idea.