Wednesday, 31 July 2013

I subscribe to favouritism

I subscribe to favouritism
31 July 2013

What can I say?  I blatantly subscribe to favouritism.

There's nothing really wrong with it surely?  It's just an extreme form of liking something or someone.

To the exclusion of all else and/or all others. 

See!  I don't see a problem with that.  How could it be wrong?  More importantly how can people not succumb to favouritism?  Most likely, they’re lying if they say that they don’t. 

I'm convinced that everyone surely does it and practices favouritism too.  Come on!  Let’s be honest.  We all having things and people, that we especially adore and cherish.  That are best-loved, most treasured and prized.  It’s true!

Favoured means most loved.  Best.  Revered.  Valued.  Prized.  Choice.  Esteemed.  Liked.  Popular.

In fact I am so zealous in my quest for it, that I practice favouritism every single day.  I use a favourite fork when I eat.  I have a favourite pair of jeans.  I even wear my favourite pair of earrings and use my favourite handbag every blessed day.  I have favourite food.  Favourite places, books, movies, treats, possessions.  Stuff.

And just to show you exactly how dedicated I am in my relentless and blatant exhibition of favouritism, I have three favourite kids.  I promise!  I like them to the exclusion of all others.  

Oh, I also like other kids.  Lots in fact.  But these three in particular are my favourites by far.

I save my affections for my favourite man.  My husband to be exact.

And though my friends all have awesome mothers and siblings, and other family members too, I must be honest and confess that my very own, are my very favourite by far.

Furthermore, given a choice out of a whole host of people (an entire planet full), I have favourites. My friends.  Those that I chose to form a part of my life.  And amazingly, they have reciprocated by choosing me as their favourites too. 

How exceptionally lucky am I, that others subscribe to favouritism as well.  As these precious few have included me in their favoured inner circle.

And to those who claim that they don’t subscribe to favouritism, I give you a challenge.

Extend yourself.  Put yourself out there and give your heart.

Because everyone deserves to have something or someone super special in their lives.  And in the same vein, open yourself up to being someone else’s favourite too.

Favouritism is utterly fabulous! 

It translates as love.  And love is always good. 
In fact, it's my favourite.

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 Some of my favourite people in the whole wide world!


  1. I concur with ALL of the above! I have EXACTLY the same favourites as you have! SHUT UP! Right down to my favourite handbag and my favourite kids and my favourite Mom AND my favourite sister! And we both know that FOOD is also our favourite, of course!! Very nice blog Helene - one of many many favourites!!

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