Tuesday, 30 July 2013

If I was a light summer's breeze

If I was a light summer's breeze
30 July 2013

If I was a light summer’s breeze, I’d gently rustle the leaves on the trees.  And hurry the fallen ones on the ground.  I’d make feathers dance.  And flower petals prance.

I’d bring smells of summer wherever I go. 

Sunblock, and sea.  Braai fires.  Watermelon and grapes.  Freshly moved grass.

I’d help summer sounds travel too.

The gently lapping ocean.  Bees a buzzing.  Splashing in the pool.  Screeches of laughter.  Sprinklers sprinkling.  Dogs a barking.

I’d flurry around the legs of little children as they’re running outside on the lawn.  And ever so sneakily, loosen a few stray tendrils of hair from a carefully swept up ponytail or two.

I’d lazily hurry waves long and watch them crash on the rocks. 

I’d make great giant trees, slightly shiver and shake.  And the tall and skinny ones, swing, swish and sway.

Sometimes I’d be naughty, and blow an ice-cream right off its cone.  But only if I knew with certainty it would be replaced once more.

I’d make a toupee flash up in the wind.  And kiss the skirts of pretty ladies in a very flirty fashion.

I’d casually rock hammocks in a lazy, indulgent fashion.  And persuade washing, drying on the line, to beat a steady rhythm in my wafts of airy joy.

I’d play with the bubbles that little kids blow.  Whisking them away and making them do a happy little jig.

I’d help majestic eagles soar.  And humble little sparrows and doves glide tenaciously too.

I’d make ripples on a perfectly flat lake.  And coax the most beautiful of flowers to release their heavenly scents.

Sometimes I’d work myself up in quite a gust and act all mischievous and slam doors shut and bang windows too.  But this is purely for fun and some frivolous festivity.

I’d bring blessed relief from the hot summer sun.  A refreshing breath of cool air, in the hot and humid heat.

I’d stir and swish, and whirl and twirl, until I get quite dizzy with it all.

Because if you were going to be a current, surely a light summer’s breeze, is the very best kind of all?

None of the anger of winter.  Or the delightful messiness of autumn.

Just perfect patches of tranquillity.  As only a summer’s breeze can do.

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