Monday, 29 July 2013

Poor Gordon Ramsay's wife

Poor Gordon Ramsay's wife
29 July 2013

Can you just imagine being Gordon Ramsay’s wife?   

The poor dear!  Though, I suppose being married to old Gordie, she’d have to be pretty hard core.  And is more than likely as tough as old boots.  And let's nothing much faze her.  Least of all his temper.
Just picture the stress involved in making him a simple brekkie in the mornings?

“What do you call these #&$@* eggs???  My father can make better eggs and he’s been dead for 16 years!!!  That yolk is so hard, it could double as a footie ball!  And the white is so ^%$#*& rubbery, they could use it as a slingshot to catapult astronauts to the  ^%#$@*& moon!!!”.

I which case, I hope she tells him to sod off and cook his own bloody eggs.  Alternatively she could either boot him out of her kitchen, or enslave him in there for life, forcing him to cook for her.  It actually sounds like a rather clever plan to me.  Maybe she can critique him instead?

Though possibly he’s a real pussycat at home.  And reserves his classic Type A competitive behaviour for his work endeavours only?

Traditionally a women’s kitchen is her castle.  Her own personal domain where she rules the roost.  Sometimes the one spot in the house, where she is the supreme leader of all.  And her authority is unquestionable and above reproof.

Personally kitchen’s don’t really do it for me.  Oh, I like them and the wonderful food that they are able to yield.  And I want to rule.  But just not kitchens.

I envisage minions.  Stretches of fertile land.  Rolling hills.  Mansions.  And no bills within sight.

In fact it sounds heavenly.

As for myself, I always enjoy Gordon Ramsay’s shows.  I wonder what that says about me?  I like the results he gets.  His absolute passion.  His enjoyment in mastering his craft.  His aim of perfection.  His ability to get the very best out of his people.  His knack for spotting potential and his gift for moulding it into greatness.

And just perhaps Tana Ramsay doesn’t deserve or need my sympathy.  She’s clearly a pretty dynamic woman herself.  She has authored a few cooking books of her own, and is currently hard at work raising FOUR kids, including a set of twins.  Yes, four kids.  One of them a son, showing a remarkable resemblance to Gordon.  And I'm left to wonder if he inherited more than just his father's looks and got the vile temper too? 
Yip, Tana Ramsay's probably pretty much unflappable.  And a tiger too.

Chances are, old Gordie is pretty harmless in comparison to that.

And potentially she taught him all of his very best swear words.

In which case, I really dig her a lot!

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  1. A friend of mine met him at the food and wine show -and when asked why he hadn't sworn all night he says he only does it when he has reason to - moral of the story - good cooking = no swearing !!!!!!
    As usual brilliant post

  2. Lovely H!! Bet he doesn't swear at his wife!