Monday, 30 June 2014

Ground Control to Major Tom


Ground Control to Major Tom
30 June 2014

Check you protein pills and put your helmet on.

What was David Bowie smoking?  And exactly how hallucinatory was that stuff?

Some song lyrics are truly bizarre.  Most odd indeed.

When you look at them objectively, they can be very strange.  Sound rather peculiar.  And make no sense at all.

If you were to write them down, and repeat them out loud, without the benefit of instruments, melodies or harmonies, they’d be just downright weird!

Still we love them.  We get used to them.  We even sing along to them.

So, sometimes the words are garbled.  And completely wrong.  But does that distract from our enjoyment?  Our love of those songs?  The way we know each and every word off by heart?

And therein lies the magic.  The trick.

I wonder what Snoop Dogg would charge me, if I commissioned him to write songs, to my 16 year old son’s Physics work?  I mean how hard would it be?  I’d supply the lyrics after all.  He could just do the C, A, B, C chord changes.  Spit into the mike a bit.  Add a bit of jiggie.  And Bob would be your uncle.  Or more accurately Sir Isaac Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion would be.  Your uncle.  Your aunt.  Heck, even your mother.  I’m not fussy at all.

Easy as pie!

I’d even be prepared, to broaden my horizons.  To make the circle bigger. 

Perhaps the Red Hot Chili Peppers, would consider Grade 10 Biology?  Lil Wayne could do English.  Though considering his vocab, maybe better he rather not.  The Black Keys could tackle the mysteries of Pythagoras.  And History?  Well History, would simply have to be ASAP Rocky.

And in actual fact, taking into consideration, Snoop Dogg’s fondness for herbs, maybe he should be doing Biology instead?  The Peppers can do Physics.  Maybe Snoop can do Chemistry too?  Who knows, he might cook a bit on the side, meaning he’d bring a bit of chemistry know-how to the table already.

Anyway, just a thought.  Putting it out there. 

Think we’d make a pretty pop.  And the kids would excel.

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