Tuesday, 17 June 2014

10 Years and 7 Months ago

10 Years and 7 Months ago
17 June 2014

Ten years ago, on the 14th of November 2003, I found out I was pregnant.  Again.

And that was pretty much the reaction I got from everyone.  Again!

One would swear I’d done it many times before, when in actual fact, it was only my 4th pregnancy (number two didn’t work out). 

This pregnancy meant, that I would be having a third child.  A much yearned for third child.  And I was absolutely over the moon.

I remember for weeks in advance, feeling utterly exhausted and doing prep for my Toptots workshop in the evenings, and falling asleep with a pair of scissors in my hand, while I was busy cutting some cardboard.  Completely and utterly shattered every single day.  It truly left me puzzled.

Eventually, in desperation, I went to see my doctor, to ask him for advice.  At Grant’s insistence actually.  My tiredness bothered him and he was worried.  Perhaps my system was run down, and I simply needed a boost.  But all seemed fine, until my doctor, a dear friend, casually mentioned, “perhaps you’re pregnant again” (what’s with the ‘again’ all of the time!).  Anyway, I flat out laughed at him.  To his face.  Still he insisted we quickly do a test.  Also checking my iron levels, any other potential causes, etc.  Jovially, the secretary (she’s a really good friend too) and I were standing in the bathroom, while she did the dip test. 

I remember her looking at me with shock in her eyes, saying “you’re pregnant again!” (that pesky ‘again’ rears its head - again).  And in return I remember giving a delighted whoop of joy, squeezing her tight, and doing a victory dance.  So overcome with happiness.

Cause you see, we already had our pigeon pair.  Whilst I had wanted a football team at least (possibly two), my darling Grantie was quite happy with two kids alone.  I’d been laying the foundation and doing the ground work for a third baby for ages, and ages.  Way before we even had our first kid, stating that I really wanted three.  But he was adamant.  Two it would be.  And two it would stay.

From my point of view, this was a really lucky score.  Exceeding even my very wildest dreams.  But, upon seeing my delight, my doctor, Keith, cautioned me that best we be 100% sure.  So, I quickly went for a blood test too.  I remember practically reverberating with excitement.  Hardly believing my good fortune.  I didn’t say a single word, and kept quiet all day long, until Grant got home.  But I was prepared for him.

When he casually said, “So what did Keith say?”, I quickly whipped out the pregnancy test.  And that one simple glance, at the test in my hand, was all that it took to send my normally calm husband, back pedalling all the way out of the back door.  It also made him turn pale.  He quite simply could not believe it!  He just kept on repeating the refrain, “No, no, no – it’s not possible”.  And of course, I am happy to report, that indeed it was.  Even the blood test confirmed this.  I was already nine weeks along.  What makes this even more unique, is the fact that I was on the pill.  And that I struggled to conceive baby number 2, and Amber as well.  Needing the aid of fertility treatment, to harvest eggs, and the like.

Grant made two phone calls.  One to his mom, and one to mine.  The way his mother tells the story, Grant cried when he told her.  He remembers it differently.  Vehemently.  And denies ever shedding a tear.  And I was floating on an elated cloud.  I wasn’t paying any attention.  Now the phone call to my mom, I remember.  I assume I was hovering close by.  To my mom, Grant said, “You won’t believe what Helene’s gone and done”.  We still laugh about it to this day.  And my mom says that for some or other weird reason, her first thought was that I had broken my leg.  Very odd – never broken a thing in my life at that stage.

That very same night, my sister and a friend popped over.  Actually I think my sister slept over.  We cracked open a bottle of bubbly, and everyone, including Luke and Amber, had a little chink.  I of course, withheld, and the kids and I had some OJ’s instead. 

It just so happened that at the time, we were also looking for happy homes for our puppies.  And we had a couple coming over to have a look at them.  The whole time, Grant had a shell shocked look on his face, while everyone else was chugging some champers away.  Eventually the guy remarked that Grant looked a bit off, to which Grant replied that he had just found out that his wife was pregnant again (again, again!!!).  and this guy summed it up so neatly, Grant truly had no comeback.

He simply said, “Every sport has it’s injuries”. 

Personally, I think he put it rather well.

On the 17th of June 2004, we were blessed with a beautiful, big, strong, healthy baby boy.  And I fell in love with him instantly.  Though to be fair, I fell in love with him on the 14th of November 2003 already.

He has been a bundle of joy every single day of his life.  He makes me laugh and he makes me smile.  At times, he makes me want to pull my hair out.  But I quite simply adore him. 

Completely, utterly and unequivocally.

And so does his dad.

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We're pregnant AGAIN - Cheers! Grant looking a bit shell shocked.


Amber giving her baby brother a cuddle

Just about 3 weeks before Cole made his appearance

My little Biggie, as he is fondly known - much to his disgust now. Actually he has about 10 different nicknames.

Aaahhh! Just look at that little face!

I could just eat him up!

Absolutely adore him!

A few years later - just look at that six pack!

Such a little sweetie!

10 Year old birthday boy this morning

All three of my lovelies!
17 June 2003 - Welcome to our world, Baby Cole. We love you already.


  1. He is quite simply the most lovable little boy imaginable who is also going to make some very lucky lady VERY happy one day!
    Incredible character, full of surprises, NEVER a dull moment!!
    Love him to bits, and soooo glad you fell pregnant ...again.........

  2. I just love Grants “You won’t believe what Helene’s gone and done”. Its too funny!! The Universe has a way of making decisions for us!! Love it!