Sunday, 29 June 2014

The dating scene - it's a jungle out there

The dating scene - it's a jungle out there
29 June 2014

I can’t even begin to imagine entering the dating scene again.  Few things could be more unpleasant.

My Grantie and I have been comfortably together forever.  No, really.  Forever.  Well, technically it’s twenty four and half years.  Forever, I’m sure you’ll agree.

And suffice it to say, that after this length of time, we’re most certainly comfortable with one another.  I’ve seen his bits.  And he’s seen mine.  Repeatedly.  Not letting anyone else see them ever again.  Just putting it out there.  Well, he can see them often, but I’m not crossing that line with a stranger.  Nor would I want to see a stranger’s bits either.  Don’t mind glimpsing them in a movie or on TV, but not in the flesh.  Thank you very much.

But I suppose entering the dating game, is about lots more than just body bits.  In fact, maybe that is one of the easiest barriers to cross in hindsight. 

It is but flesh value.  Can’t really hide it once revealed.  It is what it is.  What you see is what you get.  Blemishes there.  Physical shortcomings or strengths exposed.

However, intimately more scary, is sharing the inside bits.  The parts of your soul. 

Your dreams, wishes, aspirations.  Your past.  Your secrets.  Your family.

Finding out, if the things in life that you like, happen to coincide with the things in life that they like.

Some things are a deal breaker.  A point of no-return.  A line you wouldn’t cross.  A standard you wouldn’t drop.

I have some.  In that vein, I couldn’t partner up with someone that didn’t enjoy music.  Or had no appreciation for family.  A guy that wore two-tone shirts.  Or did a comb-over.

Does this make me a snob?  Or merely selective to my own personal taste?  True to myself?

Either which way, it’s not really important.  However what is, is the fact that I’m just so incredibly grateful to have found an awesome partner.  That I don’t need to go through the whole tentative-explorative-mating-ritual stage.

Comfort is great.  Especially if one is appreciative of the fact.  And you don’t become complacent in the process.

I’d certainly hate to face the dating scene jungle once more.

In addition, one thing I know for sure.  The older I’ve become, the more difficult I’ve become too.  The last time I faced the dating scene, I was seventeen.  I hadn’t really developed a taste or a type of person that I wanted to date. 

I’d be way more fussy, if ever thrust in that position again. 

Dating is not for sissies.  Especially older sissies.

Respect to those that enter the fray.

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  1. I could not agree more! Happy to have been hooked up for EVER ( started dating in 1975 - a mere 39 years ago!). That does not mean it has been a walk in the park - hell no! But very grateful to have been lucky enough not to fall out of love at the same time and to be together still. Its a jungle out there!