Friday, 6 June 2014

Cutest YouTube Clip IN THE WORLD!!!


Cutest YouTube Clip IN THE WORLD!!!
6 June 2014

Now I’ve seen some cute YouTube clips.  As in really cute clips. Many, many of them.  But this one takes the cake.  It’s the king of them all.

It’s short, powerful, very funny, and uber adorable.  I include the link.  It’s just 37 seconds and you simply MUST WATCH NOW!!! 

Spoiler alert!!!  Don’t read if you haven’t watched the clip.  I warned you!

In general, kids are practically edible.  Particularly when they’re somebody else’s, and you don’t have to feed them, drive them around, study with them, and pay for everything.  Then they’re downright irresistible. 

YouTube is particularly evil.  It is filled with millions of edible kids.  I could nibble on tons of them.

Mostly I try and avoid YouTube.  For the same reasons that I avoid Crack Cocaine, Farmville, Heroin, Candy Crush, Pinterest and LSD.  It’s super addictive.


It is humanly impossible.  And if there is actually such a person alive, that has managed to master this difficult feat, I’d like to meet them.  And train under them, in the difficult art of “avoiding-looking-at-loads-more-clips-and-suddenly-finding-yourself-two-hours-later-with-a-cold-cup-of-coffee-next-to-you”.  It surely takes superhuman strength.  And extreme resistance to unbearable temptation.  Clearly I don’t possess any of these qualities or abilities.

I am weak.  But mere mortal flesh.  I can’t say “NO!”. 

The important thing, is to look at the mantra stuck up with a sticky-note, right next to my computer.  Lest I fall prey to enticement.  MUST STAY STRONG – AVOID YOUTUBE!

But, as mentioned before, I am weak.  But mere mortal flesh.  And sometimes, I say, “Hell, yes!  I’ll just watch one this time.”.  Ja right!

As if.  Surprisingly I did really well on this occasion.  Didn’t get too waylaid with leisurely YouTube pursuits.  By the time I eventually had my coffee, it was still lukewarm.  A real improvement by all accounts.

And, rather than watch 17 billion other clips of edible kids I’d like to nibble on, I watched the same one a few times.  And I’d like to proclaim this kid particularly tempting. 

I could just squeeze him!  So much cuteness in one little package is very hard to resist.

He’s a 5 year old little boy, with a very old soul.  The world is clearly weighing down rather heavily on his slim and slight shoulders.  His got girl trouble.  The combination of his very adult-like words, popping out of his tiny little mouth, added to his soulful eyes and mournful expression are simply too much for me.

Bless him!  If I was five, I’d date him for sure.  I wouldn’t even mind the whole infidelity thing, and sharing him with two other little girls.

Heck he could have another!  He’d still be a winning catch.

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  1. Too adorable!!
    Christiaan's wheels fall off ever so often when he hwas what he calls a "YouTube Fest!"