Wednesday, 4 June 2014



4 June 2014

Yip, some phrases are really awesome.  Marvellously descriptive. 

And “Under-The-Butt-Nut-Hut”, fits the description for men’s undies to a T.  Though depending on your preference, it could by to the Y-front.  Alphabetically speaking of course.

It is such an awesome and very clever play on rhyming words.  One can’t help but love it!  It’s catchy and quirky, and it puts a smile on my lips.  And I bet, it’ll do exactly the same for you too.

In much the same way, women’s bra’s are sometimes referred to as “Over-The-Shoulder-Boulder-Holders”.  And I suppose the size of the boulders depends, on the individual women.  If I lose weight, my boulders diminish.  Sad fact. 

Though I don’t think men suffer from the same affliction.  Irrespective of weight or actual physical size.

For them it’s always EXTRA-LARGE.  Right? 

And what would a g-string be?  Bum floss?  And men’s boxers? 

I love word play.  And clever word play even more so.

The English language is truly wonderful.  It delivers many similar gems up to me all of the time.  I suppose the same goes for most other languages too.

I think I’ll have to put this one in to play.  And very soon too.

The next time I head off to Woollies or wherever, to get the men in my home some underwear, I’ll most certainly try it out. 

I’ll find the first available assistant, in the men’s department.  Or the boy’s for my youngest.

I’ll tap him or her on the shoulder, look them straight in the eye and say,

“Can you please point me in the direction of the Under-The-Butt-Nut-Huts”.

I shall not revert to the use of the word jocks.  Nor boxers.  Neither briefs or undies.

It’s always fun to nuke unsuspecting victims in your path…

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