Wednesday, 19 March 2014

The police were on the accident scene immediately

The police were on the accident scene immediately
19 March 2014

Few jobs must be harder than being in law enforcement.  Especially in South Africa.

The pay is shocking.  Gratitude from the public, sadly lacking.  And a regular work day can include a lot of trauma and being witness to terrible hard ships and crime.  Violence and abuse.

I do understand that for some in law enforcement, they merely push papers around.  And that not everyone is out there.  On the front line.  Doing the hard policing.  And that lots of it can be exceedingly tedious and terribly dull.  But perhaps dull is good when you’re a cop.  Maybe dull means crime is down, and people are safe.  Including the cop in question.

I still think that all are surely affected by the crime.  The out-there cops and the not-so-out-there-admin-type cops.  Their families too.

Being witness to things outside of the regular realm, that you and I are exposed to in our daily lives, must surely be challenging.

And sadly, their own behaviour in many ways has shaped the public’s perception of them.  The view that they are fat and lazy.  Sloths.  Corrupt.  Inept.  Ill trained.

In many other countries across the world, being a policeman is a thing of prestige.  A great deal of pride associated with pinning on that badge.  Respect guaranteed.  The pay fairly decent too.

Still I feel for our boys and gals in blue.  Rather them than me.

The few dealings I’ve had with the police have been pleasant.  Fairly efficient.  Positive.

Anyway, the other day my 83 year old granny, my much beloved Ouma Helene, sent me this pic.  And I find it too funny for words.  It’s very amusing.

I’d like to live in a society, where we have respect for the law.  And for those that enforce it.  Where my kids can look up to the police.  Having faith in their ability.  Their honesty.  Their sense of justice. 
Perhaps we, the people, need to cut them some slack.  They’re doing an unpleasant job.  For a measly amount of money.
How motivated would you be?
Still, I’d like to think I can expect some things of them – honesty, efficiency, justice, impartiality, helpfulness.
It only seems fair.

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Some of our men and ladies in blue

Hard at work - I'm hoping that this is in the early morning hours. When the cop shop is quiet and all of us are sleeping. The criminals too.

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  1. I am very fortunate to have had wonderful experiences on the few times I have needed them!

    But this is something to behold.......................
    Like our ministers sleeping in parliament!