Friday, 28 March 2014

I'm having a "g" in Lasagna day

I'm having a "g" in Lasagna day
28 March 2014

Yip, I’m having a “g” in Lasagna day.  You know, a lasagna day. 

What do you mean, you don’t know?  It should be perfectly obvious.  And don’t go pretending to me, that you don’t have them too.  Cause, that would be a lie.  We all have Lasagna days.  And I’ve picked today.

A day, in which you feel as useless as the “g” in Lasagna.  I mean, why even put it there?  Would anyone really notice if it was gone?

Would it help if I put it differently perhaps?  Explained it some more?  As useless as the “s” in island, the “t” in ballet, the poor “n” in damn, the “w” in answer, the “b” in subtle.  And don’t even get me started on the “g” in phlegm – both an ugly word and condition too.

I think I’m in the mental “the holidays are here and therefore I can just catch a breather” space.  Needing a shut down. 

Or should I perhaps put it differently still – for those technologically savvy individuals out there.

I need a system reboot.  An upgrade of sorts.

I’m hoping a little less rushing around will soon do the trick.

Me-thinks most people feel like this.  And rather often too.
I've already had a rather productive day.  A 9,5km walk in the morning, taking kids to school and fetching them, dropping one kid at gym and fetching him too, two trips to the shops, admin, etc.

And so what’s in order for the rest of the day is this – today’s lunch option is easy – pretty much help yourself.  Supper grocery shopping is done.  And it’s a fairly low maintenance meal too – Nachos.  Yummy!  It’s just a question of layering and grilling.  Really not much too it.

We’ve already pre-picked a family movie for tonight.  Even just finding a movie that everyone wants to watch, is rather challenging.  Different ages, different stages.

The snack treats are ready.  At some or other stage the popcorn will be popped.

All I’m saying, is I hope I last until after the opening credits. 

To be fair, I wouldn’t bet on it.  In fact, I’m going out on a limb (useless “b”), I’m resigned (useless “g”) that I’ll fade.  I already know (useless “k”).

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  1. Jy het seker een van die lekkerste lewens, not making a grappie