Sunday, 9 March 2014

The best part about school is...

The best part about school is...
9 March 2014

I was driving my kids and some of their friends home from school the other day.  And it was an absolute delight.  Adding even just one more child to a car, other than the usual siblings, completely changes the vibe.  And on this occasion, we had one of Luke’s mates in the car (not even Luke).  But this poor kid has to walk a really far way, and I give him a lift whenever I can.  And we had one of Cole’s little buddies.

Now Cole and this particular kid, are ridiculously silly together.  They just giggle and giggle and giggle.  Whenever they’re together.

Non-stop.  Worse than any little girls ever!

And to be truthful, it was incredibly infectious.  All of us were giggling.  Simply because they were laughing at nothing in particular, which in turn set the rest of us off.

And in between bouts of hysterical laughter, I enjoyed the opportunity to listen to the chatter in the car.  Interspersed with spontaneous outbursts of further laughter.  For no apparent reason either.

And in one of those rare sober moments, between spurts of guffaws, I heard them talking about school.

Cole’s friend said to him, “what’s your best part about school?”.

I was just waiting for it.  Convinced that Cole would say, “playing with my friends”.  Or maybe, “sometimes when we have to watch a movie in the auditorium”.  Or even, “art class, when we can make stuff”.  Or, “PT, when we run around and play games”.  Actually, my money was on the PT bit.  Especially as it would combine two of Cole’s great loves – friends and sport.

But in hindsight, what was I thinking?  The answer, though different from the one I imagined, was actually pretty obvious.

“My best part about school, is first break.  My second best part about school, is second break.  And my third best part about school, is home time.”

And quite naturally, this made all of us burst out laughing again.

I’m assuming, the hanging about and playing with friends thing is rather obvious.  Given that that is what he does during first break, second beak, and home time too.  As well, as whilst playing school sports in the afternoon.  After the home time bell has rung.

And given, my own memories of school days, I reckon I probably felt the same. 
Cause the truth of the matter is this - the best bit about school, is not the education.  The teachers.  Or the subjects you learn.  Those are but the by products.  The accidental side benefits if you like.
The best bit about school, the part you remember, is the fun with your friends.  Had mainly at break time and home time. 

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