Monday, 31 March 2014

My financial problems make me rich



My financial problems make me rich
31 March 2014

Life is rather ironic.  And sometimes terrible literal.

My biggest problems are financial.  And ironically that makes me rather rich.

My family have their health.  And by a stroke of luck, I have mine too. 

My marriage is a happy one.  To my best friend.

My family is phenomenal and filled with many incredible, quirky, unique, different people.  A large support base of people who have my back.  Who encourage me and love me unconditionally.

My life is filled with many, many friends.  Special people that fill my soul, lift my spirits, and bring laughter to my life.

I am surrounded by beauty.  Live in the most magnificent country in the word.  Nature’s bounty surrounds me.  Brilliance everywhere.

I am fulfilled emotionally.  My creative spirit is tweaked daily. 

The glass is half full.

Financial worries, are a concern for most people.  Too much month left at the end of too little money.  In this I know, I am not unique.

And I am so exceptionally grateful, that these are the main concerns in my life. 

Because, even though it is pretty much a necessity, it is still attainable.  One can work harder.  Do more.  Work clever.  Or you make do.

Money is just stuff.  Yes it buys food.  Ensures accommodation.  Provides transport.  Makes life a hell of a lot easier.

But it cannot buy good health.  Or love.

And I firmly believe that an excess of money, brings problems all on its own. 

And thus, I rejoice in the fact that I am rich beyond my wildest dreams.  In a commodity far more precious than gold, rand, dollars or pounds.

Though I must confess, it would be nice if it helped to pay the bills.  But perhaps that would be greedy.

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  1. Your positive attitude indeed makes you and those around you very rich!!