Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Men knitting - apparently it's the new yoga


Men knitting - apparently it's the new yoga
4 March 2014

Ya, right!  As if knitting can be like yoga.  Relaxing.  Soothing.  Satisfying.  Calming.  Rewarding. 

Actually, come to think of it, they maybe kinda have a point? 

But I must be honest – the whole concept of men knitting, tickles me.  It tickles me pink.  Many other colours too.

Which is probably pretty silly.  I mean why can’t they knit if they want to?  Why does it have to be a female pastime only?  How narrow minded and sexist.

Still it strikes me as being a little bit odd.  Strange even.  A little bit off kilter.

It’s not as if I mind them knitting, I just find it unusual.  I can imagine it being a peculiar sight.

Imagine chugging along to work on the tube or the train, and at a quick glance to the left, you notice the bloke next to you, head bent, look of concentration on his face, knitting away.  Perhaps quite comfortably and familiar with the task.  Not looking down at his handiwork at all.  Maybe having a little chat with the elderly lady across from him, or seemingly staring out at the view, taking all of the sights in.  Even worse, if he continually peers down, at a complicated pattern on his lap.  Many colours intertwining, a few needles holding different kinds of yarn, dangling along.  How intimidating!!!

And weird!

Yet, apparently, the trend is growing.  And growing fast.

So who are these mysterious male knitters?  Are they geriatric old men, helping their wives finish the knee blankie they’re knitting?  Is it a skill passed on from their grandfather?  Or even their grandmother?  Did they learn from days gone by, when they perhaps “knitted” fishing nets?  I mean who can tell?  How often do they do it?  Why do they do it?

Well, blow me down.  Supposedly they’re not old at all.  They’re young.  So “they” say.  Career men, in high power, stressful jobs.  Men requiring a means to offload and distress.

I suppose as an alternative to playing golf, snorting Coke, fast women, fast cars, and developing a drinking problem, it surely holds merit.  Great appeal even.

Do they break out, and go all flashy with pattern defying ARAN style jerseys?  All cables and twists?

Across some countries in Europe, they’ve taught the skill of knitting to male prisoners.  I would imagine that violent crime in these prisons have subsided.  That inmates are less prone to frustrated outbursts.  And that they do possibly find a sense of inner calm.  It is seen as job creation, and prisoners sell their wares on the outside.  Through an initiative, created just for that purpose.  Earning a bit of cash.  In addition, they make little gifts for family, children and loved ones, on the outside too.  How amazing!

But never mind that, a new latest trend amongst male knitters, is knitting retreats.  Forget golfing weekends away.  Fishing trips too.  And I suppose that crosses hunting trips right off the list as well.

The new, must have get-away spoil, for the man in your life?  Well a weekend away – knitting.  With likeminded men, with the same passion and hobby.  An honest to goodness knitting retreat.

I can just picture them on a porch.  Sitting in their rocking chairs.  Wearing their leathers and their studs.  Caps and tattoos.  Beer at their side.  Dartboard to the right.

And at their feet?  Bright balls of wool.  And satisfied smiles on their faces.

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Enough said - kind of encapsulates it perfectly

So manly. So purple. So wrong...

Look all I'm saying, is if it's good enough for Russell, then it's good enough for me.  And/or my Grantie - I might just have to teach him after-all.

Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha! Now there's a catchy title!

Boys on the line, keeping themselves occupied and sane. Well done!


  1. Hilarious, ridiculous - and a great idea!!
    I have heard some men make patchwork quilts.

    Can you imagine the Lombard men all sitting on the stoep at Kleinbaai with their knitting and their dops. Oupa with his coffee.

    Jaco could get them going.

    One sport with which Attie will probably always struggle.

  2. All I can say is NO WAY! SHUT UP!!!