Sunday, 23 March 2014

I'd be an awesome vegetarian, if I didn't like meat so much

I'd be an awesome vegetarian, if I didn't like meat so much
23 March 2014

Jeez, I don’t know how vegetarians do it.  I really don’t. 

Now I love the humble potato as much as the average person.  Probably more.  I’d take potatoes intravenously if I could.  I like them baked, fried, chipped, crisped, mashed, just about every which way, excepting raw.  They’re delicious!  And if being a vegetarian meant living off potatoes alone, I might be able to crack it.  For about half a day.  Maybe three quarters of a day, at a push.

But the problem is this – being a veggie, means embracing all vegetables.  Well, maybe not.  I’d guestimate it means embracing most vegetables.  Even the nasty ones, like Brussel sprouts.  And that’s the deal breaker for me.  The point of no return.

There is just no way that Brussel sprouts can compete with a lamb chop.  Ain’t possible.

And snacking on some carrot sticks, as opposed to some deliciously salty biltong?  Can’t even begin to compare.

No matter how delicious a veggie bake is, there’s no bacon in it.  It’s not the same as a pork rasher either.

I do have the odd meat-light day.  But this is not the norm.  It’s the break from the routine.  The exception to the norm.

And I’m not alone in this either.  My family subscribe to meat too.  A main meal of the day, sans meat, is judged to be a bit light.  “Where’s the real food?” A tad fake, if you like.  No real substance to it. 

If there’s no animal in it, it’s not a main meal.  Harsh though that sounds.

Personally I love veggies.  Mostly raw.  And I’d kill for fruit.  But meat is meat, and a woman must eat.

Though speaking of killing, I can’t bear to give any thought to exactly how the meat gets to my plate.  No thought given to it being a teeny tiny little lamb first.  All soft and fluffy.  Nor can I think of the whole killing-an-animal bit either.  In my world, meat arrives neatly sealed in little foam containers, sealed with plastic, in the meat section at the shops.  No connection to live animals at all.

Perhaps if my brain was big enough to make that link, I’d morph and change into a vegetarian too. 

In the interim?

Well, I salute vegetarians for their diligence and their commitment.  In addition I thank them – more meat for me.

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Another vegetarian hunting photo

Inside of a vegetarian hunting lodge


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  1. Love that.....old Indian word for bad hunter!
    Totally agree - love fruit, but....................
    Makes me think of Bart Simpson
    “(Lisa) “I’m going to become a vegetarian”
    (Homer) “Does that mean you’re not going to eat any pork?”
    “Yes Dad”
    “Dad all those meats come from the same animal”
    “Right Lisa, some wonderful, magical animal!”"