Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Taking off my bra

Taking off my bra
17 September 2013

There comes a point in each day, when the thing I look forward to the most, is taking off my bra.

And I’m not even joking. 

Oh, I look forward to lots every day.  Quite obviously.  Yet somehow, at some stage, they all fade into insignificance.  And the thing I long for most, is to lose the lingerie.  To fling off that bra.

At the end of a day, not even the smells of a delicious supper can bring forth such joy.  Nor a kiss from my husband.  Or cuddles from my kids.  Never mind watching the latest can’t-miss episode of a nail biting and thrilling mini-series that I’ve looked forward to the whole day.  Cause at some or other point, the thought that makes me the happiest, is that moment of pure bliss, when I’m not wearing my bra anymore.  Emancipation and freedom at last!

And actually I think most women feel that way.  It’s not related to cup size either.  Why personally, my jubblies seem to be shrinking.  Well, put it this way, I’m no longer a comfortable C-cup.  I’m most definitely leaning towards a piddly little B.  Barely a blimp on the radar.

But perhaps this feeling of blessed relief, has less to do with the bra, and more to do with what it symbolises.

It says, “let your hair down – the day is done”.  Time for a bit of bonding with the couch in front of the TV.  No more lifting and carting kids about.  No more work-mode.  Hopefully by this stage, the homework is done.  And supper is cooked.  We’re on the downhill slide to bed time for the kids and down time for the adults.  No more work phone calls, or emails that need replying.

And I have to wonder, if men have an equivalent?  Do they also have that one thing that symbolises to them, that me-time is starting?  Work is behind them.  And a relaxing night ahead is beckoning?

You know that extreme home makeover show on TV called….. wait for it….. wait for it….. Extreme Makeover Home?  Well they’ve got this real cutie, Ty Pennington on it.  Seriously worth watching, for Ty alone.  And once the house they’ve been working on is completely revamped, they get the lucky owners back again.  And then the whole neighbourhood, TV crew, family, friends and the entire gazillion work force volunteers gather out at the front and they have this humongous big bus parked in front of the house, supposedly hiding the wonders within, and just before the magical reveal, everyone (including me) shouts, “BUS DRIVER!  MOVE THAT BUS!!!”.

Well, by the time bra-off-o’clock comes around, that’s exactly what the little voices in my head say to me too.


Oh happiness indeed, when I’m hanging free!  I have to concede, it fills me with glee.  On that I’m sure, all ladies will agree.  It’s comfort guaranteed.  Relaxation it will precede.

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Oh how I wish!

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