Wednesday, 18 September 2013

So - men and their pit hairs

So - men and their pit hairs
18 September 2013

What with their over generous helpings of testosterone, men are rather predictably hairy.  And I’m cool with that.  Seriously!  It’s sort of their thing and I reckon they would look really weird if they were all hairless like us follicle-challenged women.

It heightens their manliness.  Their appeal to women in general.  And in addition it also helps to hide and beautify (if possible) the meat and two veg.

Hairy arms are acceptable.  Hairy legs a requirement (shaved man legs look odd to me).  Hair on the head a huge bonus (ask me – my husband has none).  Hair on the chest, okay if that’s your thing.  Hair on the back, less palatable.  Hairy butt cheeks probably part of the meat and veg spread – a side dish of sorts.  Hairy knuckles and toes – all okay with that too.  And as for the beard stubble?  Personally I’m kinda partial to a bit of facial hair.  Not necessarily a huge beard, but the stubble is really rather cool.

However, one has to draw a line.  And take a stand.  What’s with the hairy armpits???

Few things are less special than having an awesome cuddle and lying in the crook of the arm of your man, only to have armpit hairs tickling your nose.  Nasty!  Their texture is gross.  Their horrendous length too.

And so I’m thinking – if women go through all of the effort and trouble to shave our pits – why don’t men do the same?

Think of it as a courtesy.  Not emasculating at all.  Merely a nod to hygiene.  A kindness if you like.  I mean hairy male armpits are perfectly fine to look at.  Admire even.  But cuddle in them?  No thank you!

In fact, compared to all the areas that ladies shave and have to de-hair, they’ve come off rather light.  No large shaving areas like legs to contend with.  No bleaching or plucking of moustaches or rampant chin hairs.  If blessed with a unibrow, they can simply accept it and move on. 

In addition, they generally seem to sprout both ear and nostril hair once past a certain age.

But, puh-leeeaaase!  Shave those pits!

Though funny enough, despite regularly urging my Grantie to indulge me, he has repeatedly declined.

And so perhaps as an act of rebellion, I’ll grow my leg hairs instead.  Sort of a peaceful protest if you like.  Not quite as dramatic as a hunger strike.  But super effective none the less.

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In a perfect world...

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