Monday, 2 September 2013

I have greater social needs than my husband

I have greater social needs than my husband
2 September 2013

It can be said, that I have far greater social needs than my husband. 

Because while he is quite happy to be the king of his Castle and stay home rather a lot and rule over his empire, I require just a little bit more.

It’s not so much that I’m a great social butterfly.  Or demand to be out and about on the town.  In fact, far from it.  However, I do need outside input, from women in particular.

I think this can be traced back to women, in general, who tend to be more sociable.  Men are more nuclear and self-soothing if you like.

Even just seeing my friends, while we’re waiting outside school, to collect our sprogs, is good for my soul.  For a brief few minutes, we’re given the opportunity to connect.  To uplift each other.  To bloody-well talk!  Inevitably, it always involves laughing.  Usually a quick hug and a kiss too.  It’s knowing that someone out there cares about you.  Knows what’s happening in your life.  And yes, the reverse is also true.  As you care about them, and know what’s happening in their lives too.

Phone calls are also marvellous for this very same purpose.  You get to expend some of your daily word quota, and share a bit of what’s happening in your life and in theirs.  And I indulge in this regularly.  In fact daily, as I am blessed with wonderful women in my family, who also fulfil this vital role.  And I have many other fantastic friends too.

My Twisted Sista’s and I, see each other fairly regularly.  Some of us have kids in the same Primary School.  Some in the same High School.  Some go to the same dancing studio.  Some, not any of the aforementioned.  Yet we live in a small-ish town, therefore we still bump into each other.  Just seeing them soothes my soul and lifts my spirits. 

They are the family, that I had a hand in picking.  The one I chose for myself.  Their kids are like my own.  I know their parents, their siblings and their other friends too.  I can pop in uninvited and make myself a nice cuppa coffee.  I can open their cupboards and reach into their fridge, and for them the same is true of my home.

We are there for each other, in the daily and the mundane.  Through broken geysers, flooding, kids in hospital, operations, lifting and carting each other’s kids around, supporting one another in any way possible.  The death of parents, cars breaking down, moving homes, job losses, and job gains, financial highs and lows.  Marital ones too.  Basically, we’ve got each other’s back.

We’ve got a cell phone group, which provides much fodder for laughter, and so the six of us Twisted’s can “chat” via our phones.  Our husbands have admitted that the constant pinging is a bit of a disturbance at times, as the verbal volleys can fly back and forth for ages.  Sharp and pithy little one liners, usually accompanied by wittily appropriate emoticons.  The sense of humour is wicked and naughty.  And it lightens up my life.  The other day, a “quick” little chat, required 39 WhatsApp messages flying through cyberspace.  What fun!

I’m so grateful for my bonus Twisted family.  They bring meaning, colour, depth, support, humour and love to my world.

Viva Twisted Sista’s!  Viva!

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My lovelies!  Sadly Thea is absent on this pic, as she was the photographer.

A rare more sombre pic

And Thea is in - having an uncontrollable attack of the giggles


And it carried on and on and on...

Trying hard to compose themselves once more

A recent weekend away

My Sista's and I

Many moons ago - missing Rinette sadly

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