Saturday, 28 September 2013

Grumpy people of the world unite

Grumpy people of the world unite
28 September 2013

Realistically of course, I understand that not everyone can be happy and possess a permanently sunny disposition.  It stands to reason.  We all have our grumpy moments.  When something or someone has annoyed us and things aren’t quite going according to plan.

I’ll even go as far as to say that it is normal.  And to be expected.  We don’t live in Lala-land.  Where everything is permanently hunky-dory and a-okay.  Real life interferes with that utopia ideal.

Every so often we get irritable.  And that’s cool.  It’s real and it happens.  It would be unnatural if it didn’t.

Still there are some people, who seems to spend a disproportionate amount of time in Irritationville.  And Miserable City.  And I just really wish they would snap out of it.

It is as if they find an irrational sort of warped joy from being grumpy and dissatisfied.  In fact, I’m not entirely sure that some of these people are wired for happiness at all.  It is perhaps an emotion they’re so unfamiliar with and are incapable of feeling and experiencing.  They’ve been conditioned Pavlov’s dog style, to be miserable, even when there is no need to be.

They see the dark cloud and none of the silver lining.  Glass half empty of course.  And the light at the end of the tunnel, rather than bringing absolution and blessed relief, quite naturally belongs to the train.

Personally, if misery is their thing, then that is their choice.  And I’m all about choices.

I just don’t appreciate them bringing everyone else around them down with their black moods.  These moods are not to be confused with depression.  That is an entirely different thing.  And something I have a lot of empathy for and sympathy with. 

Grumpiness in my opinion is something different.  It is a choice that is made to find fault with your lot.  To see the bad all around you and overlook the wondrous good.  To nit-pick and suck the joy right out of life.  To be surly on purpose.  Crabby, grouchy, sullen, grumbling, griping.  Petulant even.

To focus on the negative.  Almost unaware that there is a positive out there at all.  They’re not solution orientated at all.  Any unexpected bump in their road, confirms their conviction and firm belief that everyone is out to get them.  That the world continually disappoints them and does not deliver all that it should.

And so, being that I am positive, generally happy, joyful, optimistic and cheerful, and solution orientated too, I’d like to make a proposal:  Perhaps we should gently herd all the grumpy people together.  Unite them if you like.

And send them somewhere far, far away.  Where the sun never shines.  The traffic lights are always red.  The queues are always long.  Their supper is always cold.  They’re always short changed.  They’ve always been done in.  The end is clearly nigh.

I fear this “mistopia” will not be found on earth.  Instead, Uranus sounds perfectly fine…

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  1. Awful! Did you have someone special in mind??
    Sigh, the word is on the street that men get grumpier as they older.