Sunday, 22 September 2013

Rose-tinted glasses

Rose-tinted glasses
22 September 2013

I think I might be a rare breed, as I’m an internal optimist.  Really one of those glass-half-full kind of people.  Cause the thing is this – I’m just so bloody grateful there’s a glass at all.

I tend to gloss over the negative.  And not dwell on things that aren’t positive.  I harp on the good and sweep away the bad.  When looking back at things, I remember the highlights and ignore the less pleasant bits as if they never existed.  And of course I know that they were there.  I’m not delusional after all.  But I choose to move on.  To look forward.  To think happy thoughts instead.

And this all made me think – perhaps I see the whole world through rose-tinted glasses?  Which is of course completely ridiculous!  My glasses aren’t rose coloured at all!  They’re multi-coloured, technicolored, rainbow hued deluxes!  In my world there is no simple red.  Instead there is crimson and scarlet.  Vermillion and carmine.  Burgundy and brick.  Auburn, lust, wine, ruby and maroon.  To name but a few.

I think this is a mind-set.  A way of looking at life.  It is the credo by which I live.

I sleep well every single night.  I wear my favourite pants every day (naturally I have a few).  My favourite shoes too.  I love the cups of coffee I drink throughout the day.  Delight in the awesome fresh fruit I graze on.  Most daily meals are my best.  Every day is a good one.  The obvious less stellar ones, far and few between. 

So often, one sees people who are so terribly negative.  They whinge and they whine.  They moan and they groan.  Little satisfies them and they find fault with lots.  Nothing is ever good enough.  Nothing quite meets the mark.

And I feel so sorry for them.  Cause they cheat themselves out of having an awesomely good life.  A simple change of attitude could improve their quality of life so radically, it would astound them.  And I’m sure bring them happiness instead.

I know a few people like this.  Some I even know rather well.  And for them, they don’t have rose-tinted glasses at all.  They have blinkers and see everything as rather dull.  Vanilla or beige.  No colour at all.  Quite often, their world is very small.  Not much excitement and joy enters their little bubble.  And sadly they’re a bit tedious to be around.  They repeat the same stories of doom and gloom.  The end is always nigh and the sky is forever about to fall on our fair heads.

Which makes me think, that perhaps rose-tinted glasses would be wasted on them.  They’d complain about the shading.  Their lack of clear vision.

And so, no cardinal, terra cotta or raspberry for them.  Which is probably just as well.  They’d never appreciate it fully in any case.

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