Tuesday, 10 September 2013

I have a dream

I have a dream
10 September 2013

Like the great Mr King, I too have a dream.  As I’m sure many of you do as well.

A dream of a brighter future.  Of less strife.  Of peace and of harmony.  Of less war and more love.  Of fewer hardships and more abundance.  Of greater joy.  Of less conflict.  Of warmth and food for all. 

But then I look around myself, and I see.  I’m actually living the dream already.  I’ve really got it kinda good.
More is always yearned for.  Is desired and wanted.  It’s human nature to seek more than we’ve got. 

Some call it ambition.  Some call it wishful thinking.  I call it dreaming.

But dreaming aside, how rich am I already!  I live in a beautiful part of the world.  I’ve got three incredible kids – each unique, special, and talented in their own way.  A wonderful husband.  A phenomenal family.  Fabulous friends.  A roof over my head.  Food in my belly.  Surrounded by bounty. 

Still, if I could be picky…..

I have a dream of a house with a fireplace, for those cold winter nights.

I have a dream of a proper built-in swimming pool for my kids, for those hot summer days.

I have a dream of more children – it simply won’t go away.

I have a dream of a proper family holiday, including a flight somewhere.  Not too concerned where.  I just would like my kids to experience an honest to goodness holiday, including the excitement of air travel, and booking in to a wonderful place to stay for a few days.

I have a dream of my kids reaching their full potential.

I have a dream of my kids leading happy, fulfilled, purposeful, wonderful lives.

I have a dream of my kids getting a really good education and choosing a wise career path.

I have a dream of my greater family being cared for – financially, and health wise.

I have a dream of going somewhere with my blog – of it leading to something.

I have a dream of being skinny again like I was in High School – oh well, one can dream.

I have a dream of ticking a few things off my bucket list one day – seeing a bit of the world, a Hot Air Balloon ride and going on a gondola in Venice.

I have a dream of going on more dates with my husband.

I have a dream of enjoying more awesome adventures with my Twisted Sista’s.

I have lots of dreams.  More and more of them, than even mentioned here.  And though many of my dreams might never be realised, it is actually okay.  Perhaps their reason for being is not necessarily to come true.  But rather to inspire me and to push me ever forward.  Sometimes the real thing can fall short of the perfect image in your head, and hence a dream is all it’s ever supposed to be.  I get it.  And so maybe the trick, is not to limit yourself at all with your dreams.  But rather to push the boundaries and aim ever higher.  The sky shouldn’t be the limit.

Luckily for me, I have an awesome imagination, and so I can vividly picture so many of these wonderful things.  I’ve lived them already in a sense.

Still, I’d really like that fireplace.  Perhaps next winter…

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  1. You actually want little for yourself, more for those you love!
    I would love to join you at that fireplace!

  2. Helene, I like your dreams - I wish I could make some of those dreams come true! But the wisdom of it all is that you have such gratitude for what you do have, most of your dreams are for sharing with others, and you happy to dream big even if you do not reach all your dreams! Nice blog! Thank you!