Monday, 25 August 2014

Sayings have an age limit


Sayings have an age limit
25 August 2014

So it would appear as though certain sayings have an age limit.  Like a maturity or advanced years statute of limitations.  A cut-off point.  Too old to utter.

How rude!

I remember being a teenager, and occasionally hearing my mom or dad uttering a teenage word.  And being utterly horrified.  Mortified!  How dare they?  Some words weren’t meant for them!  Didn’t they have enough big-people’s words of their own?  Teenage words were off limit.  They weren’t eligible for use thereof.  They were far too old to use them.  To uncool.  Too parent-like.

Words like “kiff” or “lank” sounded odd coming out of the mouths of adults.  Like it didn’t belong. 

Because it didn’t.

And somehow I now find myself on the other side of the same divide.  My kids have a lingo all of their own.

But there is a slight difference.

Surely I’m not too old.  To uncool.  Too parent-like…

Eish!  Growing up and acting like an adult is hard to do.

The thing is this – when we were “cool teenagers”, our folks only heard our language from us.  And usually we were clever enough to not give away our lingo in front of them.  We nestled it close, like treasures.  Usually reserving it for our “lank kiff” peers and friends.

But now things are different.  Social media has changed language and the way we use it.  Texting, Facebook, WhatsApp, the Internet, TV, etc.

Now I know we had TV way back then, in the dark ages.  But TV times have changed.  A lot.

So, sadly for my kids, without them teaching me, I know their language.  In fact, I can’t escape knowledge thereof.

And thus, being a bit wicked at times, I indulge.  Purely to freak them out.

It is such fun. 

It is most fun, when you do it in front of a friend, and you really embarrass them.  Cause if you haven’t got an audience, what’s the point?  And a fresh audience at that.  Making a kid cringe, is one of the few free pleasures in life.

So I put my little theory to the test on Friday night, when I picked up Amber and two friends (one was a boy – her romantic interest) from a social gathering.  Shame.  They were sitting ducks.  And lames ones at that.

I started off slow – easing my way into it, saying stuff like, “Did you have a totes adorbs night?”  As well as “Awe”, when they got into the car.  Thrown in with a bit of “cray-cray”.

However, by the time I pulled out, “You’re so jelly”, Amber was howling. 

And I can positively confirm – it’s so much nicer being on this side of the fence.  Way more fun!

Anyway, gots to run.  See you toz.

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  1. Ridiculous how much fun it is to bust your kids with some embarrassing behaviour!