Friday, 22 August 2014


22 August 2014

Right, so eyebrows.  With a wee bit of luck, we all have them.  If you’re really lucky, you’ll have two!

In fact, most of us have them.  At least at some or other point in time. 

But, as we get older, eyebrows can tend to thin.  It happens.

However natural eyebrow thinning due to advanced age or hair loss is one thing.  Careful meticulous plucking is another.

Because scary as super thin eyebrows may be, they have nothing on bushy caterpillar wanna-bees.  Personally I think that Fernando Alonso has a black hairy caterpillar above each eye.  A little bit of trimming and shaping, by a qualified professional, is a good thing.  Giving shape and definition.

Unfortunately, this is where it all goes wrong for some people.  They find themselves in that dark and scary place – they’ve either plucked too much, weirdly, or applied incorrect use of eyeliner to create the appearance of eyebrows.

These little puppies are really interesting. 

Personally, I’m always on the look-out for the uni-brow.  The uni-brow is a perfectly legitimate reason to pluck and pull.  In fact, it’s pretty much mandatory.  Unless you would like to remain single for the rest of your life.  Each to their own.  For me it would be a deal breaker.  I mean, just picture Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp with a uni-brow.  It quite simply wouldn’t work.  Captain Jack Zero.  Not Sparrow.  And there’s no way Brad would’ve managed to pull Angelina if he had a uni-brow.

But it would appear that this whole obsession with eyebrows thing, is kinda global.  And not just me.

KFM radio station, put together a little selection of some of the very best of the very worst eyebrows around.  Most of them manufactured by the untrained hand.

The unskilled. 

Though judging by many of the confident looks these individuals are sporting in their photos, I’m thinking that they think they rock it.  That they look pretty hot.  Bringing their A-game.

Brace yourself – it’s helluva funny!

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Right - so I'm surmising that the girl on the left, took a ruler to do hers. And the girl on the left decided to. To... To... Actually I'm not sure what she was trying to do.

Hoop girl on the left looks like hers are a tat, and dot-dot-dot girl on the right clearly ran out of ink. Or eyeliner. Or khoki. Or permanent marker.

I'm thinking that the girl on the left is a maths boff. And is a huge fan of long division. Don't believe me? Just check out her whybrows! She's all about eye divided by nose equals pink lips. Girl on the right can't do long division. She can only subtract...

These are the thinnest widest apart eyebrows ever. Girl on the left, that is. Girl on the right is actually a fan of the uni-brow. And maybe waves.

Now I'm not entirely sure, but I'm thinking that both of these ladies had their two year old kids do their eyebrows. Also, they both have serious circus ambitions.

My only explanation here, is that the girl in the orange tried to draw a moustache. Upside down. And then she kind of forgot where a moustache goes. Hey, it can happen. The girl on the right, well she... she... she...

Now I've heard of pencil thin. And I'm sure you have too. Girl on the right sports pencil thin eyebrows. The girl top left also has circus dreams. The girl bottom left is confused.

The first rule is outline. Don't go over the lines. Only fill in once you're confident you won't go over the lines. And when in doubt, create a uni-brow.

Yay!!! Two more pencils!

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