Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Cole - he's hell of a cute, but I'm just glad he's not twins

Cole - he's hell of a cute, but I'm just glad he's not twins
13 August 2014

When I was a kid, I completely romanticised the idea of twins. 

And quite predictably I was deeply disappointed that I wasn’t one of a twin.  However, in an effort to work through my let-down, dismay and sorrow, I decided that the only way forward would be to have a set of my own.

It made perfect sense. 

I’d have identical twin girls.  No boys.  Actually a perfectly matched pigeon pair.  Boy born first.  Followed by a little girl.  Naturally they’d look similar enough, to be immediately identified as twins.  Yet they’d be individuals too.

At a push, I’d settle for non-identical.  But it would be a bit inconvenient.  And a compromise for me.

Identical would be first choice.  Actually a requirement.

I’d make them wear matchy-matchy clothes and make them hate me forever.  I’d practically be ensuring they’d spend time in therapy in their later years.  Making some happy therapist a pop in the process. 

To compound their issues with individuality, I’d give them confusing matchy-matchy names.  Like Chloe and Zoe.  Madison and Morgan.  Mia and Maya.  Aidan and Jaydon.  Taylor and Tyler… (every single combo a cringe-fest of note!)

And then life didn’t work quite out the way I had childishly planned as a kid.

No twins in sight.  Not even a measly pair of triplets!

I got singles.

Three times in a row. 

Each time I gave birth, there was no, “Hey, surprise!  We’ve found another one!”.

Clearly I was cheated.  Robbed!

But I’ve grown a bit in maturity.  And I’ve realised. 

Thank heavens I only got them one at a time.

In particular my Cole.  He’s a handful, and hell of a cute.  But I’m just so glad he’s not twins.

He’s sure energetic, entertaining, and busy enough for two.  Challenging to the max.

This evidently only means one thing.  The conclusion is rather patently clear – he was one of a twin.  But he ate his brother or sister…

Either his twin brother, little Joel.  Or his twin sister, darling Nicole…

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