Thursday, 7 August 2014

I've neglected you a bit - sorry!


I've neglected you a bit - sorry!
7 August 2014

I love, love, LOVE my blog!  With a passion.

But lately, real life has had a nasty habit of not allowing me the time to blog.  How rude!

I enjoy being busy.  So I don’t mind the busy at all.  In fact, the busy I’m doing at the moment, is creative.  So it’s friggin awesome.

Still there’s been work, and kids, and the usual run of the mill running about.

Added to that, a daughter performing in a fabulous show at the Barnyard Theatre in Durbanville.  A forty minute drive away from home.  Loads of rehearsals, and extra dancing practices.  Sorting out costumes, with little bits and bobs still needed, continually popping up.  Non-stop.

Combined together, all these bits, led to a lack of story writing time.

But I’d like to go out on a limb and say, “I’m back!”.

The show and all the accompanying costume chaos, dress rehearsals, and performances is over.  Yeehaaa!

And thus, I’ve got me a little bit more time.  Hells yeah!  Amazing how quickly one is able to fill it again.

Also, funny how, after all the show-hoopla, I’m missing it now.  At the time I was going batty.  Run off my feet.

But now I’m missing the air of excitement and the thrill of watching the show.

Looking forward with baited breath to the DVD.  Which I’m sure we’ll watch repeatedly.  And to be fair, in anticipation, we’ve been watching some of the previous show DVD’s so long.

However, the bottom line is this – blogging shall commence more often.  Cause I’ve missed it terribly.

So watch this space…

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  1. Excuse me get back to work please !!!!!!! Xxxxxx the boss aka Mamm