Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Check out my new wallet!!!

Check out my new wallet!!!
5 August 2014

Check out my fancy schmancy new wallet.  My old one was starting to look a bit worse for wear.  Which is such a pity.  Cause for me, a wallet (empty though it mostly is), is quite a personal item.  Used every day.  Most often on your person, or very close by.  Hauled out all the time, and flicked through (sometimes hopefully), continually at shops.

I have a few basic requirements.  Brown chocolate leather.  Zip bit for coins.  Grooves for cards – bank, driver’s licence, etc.  Compartments for less used items, such as random business cards, movie loyalty cards, library cards, etc.  Preferably a window thingy for a pic of my ridiculously photogenic kids.  And most importantly of all – no gaping.  The whole thing must be able to close up.  Clip, magnet, press stud, etc.  Any means of keeping all of the bits together.

But after seeing a photo of the-best-wallet-ever-invented-and-known-to-man-kind, I’m willing to lower my standards.  To adapt.  To be flexible and less rigid.

A rechargeable wallet, seems like a marvellous idea.  In fact, I wonder why it’s taken us so long to evolve to this point?

It makes perfect sense.

Especially if you consider getting numerous cables for the express purpose of recharging your wallet.

Personally, I’ll definitely invest in a car charger.  One for each bedroom.  Most definitely the garage and living rooms too.  Even a little battery operated free standing one, for when I’m on the trot in the shops and I’m running dangerously low.

But I’m nothing if not green.  Aware of our environment.  And the beautiful world we live in.

Surely solar is the way to go.  Kinetic too.

Which means, I’ll attach a little charger to my walking shoes, for my daily walks.  Hopefully, I can build up a reserve, which I can dip into at will.  Even bequeath to those I love.

Slip them a little wallet recharge, on my account so to speak.

Yes, this wallet-charging system, does indeed have merit.

I think it’s bloody marvellous!

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