Friday, 8 August 2014

Colouring-in books for adults


Colouring-in books for adults
8 August 2014

So here’s the thing with humour.  Most often, the closer to the truth, the funnier.  The more you are able to see yourself, and life around you, the more humorous jokes and funny things tend to be.

I think this is human nature.  The reason our species has managed to grow. 

Honestly.  Because if you looked at life seriously, there would just be no point to it all.

Fabricated, made-up jokes and stories are funny enough.  They make us laugh.  Sometimes a heck of a lot.

But if you’re able to identify with something, then you’ve hit the jackpot.  The closer to home, the funnier.

And then, I stumbled across this little gem.

A colouring-in book for adults.

Which is absolutely hilarious.  Ridiculously funny!  Mostly because it depicts real-life issues.  That actually aren’t funny at all.  Which bizarrely makes is funny.  Kind of strange, I suppose.  But there it is.

Some of them you’ve lived through yourself.  Felt the same way.  Or you’ve seen friends and family members in the same position. 

Children’s colouring-in books come in two flavours – boy and girl.  Boy colouring-in books are filled abundantly with dinosaurs, cars, superheroes, and some wild animals.  Girl colouring in books are filled to overflowing with winged fairies sitting on toadstools, princesses, mermaids draped across rocks, butterflies, etc.  Pretty sexist I know.  Also, pretty well aimed at colouring-in dedication skills and accuracy, combined with the difference between boy/girl concentration skills. 

Girl colouring-in books demand a vast array of colours.  Particularly of the gold, silver, bronze, purple, lilac, mauve, pink, deep pink, light pink, medium pink, shimmery pink, luminescent pink, etc. variety.  Lots of variation in fairy wings, with intricate little bits demanding intense concentration and excellent fine motor skills.  Aimed at keeping little girls occupied for ages.

Boy colouring in books demand minimum effort, an extremely low level of detail, and a maximum of seven colours.  Red or blue for cars.  Red, blue, green, or a scribbled mix of all of the aforementioned for alternate colours.  Yellow for lions and the sun.  Black for superhero belts and capes, as well as car tyres and steering wheels.  At a push orange to do spotted animals like leopards, cheetahs, etc.  Though at a pinch, yellow will do.  Or alternatively a mix of all of the aforementioned colours.  Green for grass.  Brown also goes down pretty well.  However, in the absence of brown, a scribbled mix of all of the aforementioned colours will do the trick.   And that’s pretty much it.  So, technically, six colours will perfectly suffice.  Maybe even five.  Also, before handing over a colouring-in book as well as crayons or pencils over to boys, a word of warning to the wise.  Remove all offending emasculating colours from the pack – like gold, silver, bronze, purple, lilac, mauve, pink, deep pink, light pink, medium pink, shimmery pink, luminescent pink, etc.  And just to even all bets, ensure that the red is of a masculine variety.  No hidden glimpse or potential confusion with pink must be even remotely possible.

Anyways, as mentioned before – this little gem.  A colouring-in book for adults. 

It’s bloody marvellous.  I invite you to scroll through the pics and enjoy.  Cause fact is stranger than fiction.

And that’s a true story!

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Sad - just plain sad

Even sadder

Sooo true!

Very funny!


Shame! Not actually funny.

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  1. Oh my hat!!!I Love your analysis if kids colouring pencils....very perceptive!
    This colouring book for adults is ridiculously funny.......