Monday, 30 December 2013

Winter - that awkward period of time, before summer starts again


Winter - that awkward period of time, before summer starts again
30 December 2013

Personally, I don’t really get the whole point of winter.  And would like to hereby start a petition, to have it scrapped.

Surely if there’s enough of us objecting, we can get this done?  Maybe someone knows someone, who knows someone, who knows someone.  Who’s on the committee. 

It’s cold.  It’s wet.  It’s miserable.  You can’t do outdoor stuff.  You have to wear layers, and layers of clothes.  You can’t do barefoot.  You can’t do loads of salads.  You can’t do some of the best fruit – like grapes, strawberries, mango’s, yellow cling peaches, plumbs, nectarines, watermelons, etc.  You can’t do swimming.  You can’t do braais.  You can’t wear slops and strappy tops.  Even your washing can’t get dry.

I mean, what is the point?

I’m a summer baby.  And have always been.

I don’t whinge through winter.  I don’t mumble and grumble and complain a lot.  I don’t whine.  I don’t get depressed.

I just get on with it.  And usually the first bit of winter is okay. 

But after about a day, I’m over it.

Summer is the bomb. 

Begrudgingly, I do get winter on some levels.  Sort of.  In a way.  Kinda.

The winter rains, help to provide those awesome summer fruits.  They make me embrace being barefoot once more.  And glory in easily getting my washing dry.  Rejoice in braais, lazing about on the hammock, flopping in the pool, dressing down, scoffing fabulous salads and fruits. 

In short, winter makes me doubly grateful when summer does eventually raise her warm head.  Even spring, puts a noticeable spring in my step.

I love you summer with all of my heart.  And therefore if winter is a necessary evil, in preparation for your glory, perhaps we can come to a compromise?

I’m willing to be reasonable.  One week a year of winter is surely perfectly fine.  I’m sure it will suffice.

A bit too long, admittedly.  But I’d hate to be greedy.

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  1. Summer in Tulbagh can be a chalIenge........But i love it!
    I have always loved winter too though...rain, fires, frosty fresh air, warm wrapping, hot foods, loads of coffee.

  2. Living in Gauteng - where we have dry cold winters, and the grass dies and goes yellow and your skins becomes so dry - I MISS the Cape winters so - where it is green and it rains softly for days on end! That lovely smell of a fresh wood fire in the evening, coffee, soup, nice comfy Tsonga ( Made in SA) boots, big jerseys!! Stormy seas at Kleinbaai with rain lashing on the windows, and inside we have the fire blazing! I know its God's weather and all, but sadly I will NEVER get used to the dry brown winters of Gauteng compared to the soft, green, wet winters of the Cape! But having said that, its hard to beat the beautifully sunny winter days in Gauteng, where you find a bed with the sun streaming in through the window and soak up the warmth of it - and long for summer again!!