Sunday, 8 December 2013

Watch out Plett - here we come!

Watch out Plett - here we come!
8 December 2013

Great excitement is reigning in the Cloete home at the moment.  We are off on our first ever proper family holiday.  Yeehaaa!!!

It is true that we go away every so often.  But this sadly happens rather seldom.  My work dictates that we are homebound over weekends.  And mostly during holidays in the week too.

The odd get-away is fabulous though.  And we usually go to visit my mom in Tulbagh – with or without Grantie.  Sometimes I manage to catch a mid-week break in the school holidays, but then he has to work.  Our other get-away place is the family holiday house, in Kleinbaai.  My favourite place in the whole wide world.  However, we do also go away with friends for a weekend once in a blue moon.  But this involves a heck of a lot of planning, as I need a stand-in for myself with the Jumping Castles, in my absence.

Both of our usual get-away places, are usually inundated with my most fabulous family.  It is a joy to spend time together.  And thus, a complete away-from-the-norm holiday, without the family troop and regular venues, is particularly novel for us.  And a concept I’m not very familiar with at all.

In a few short hours, we will hit the road and head for Plettenberg Bay.  One of South Africa’s many holiday capitals.  All of the clothes are packed, waiting in the boot.  Dry food goods packed too.  At the crack of dawn, we’ll simply plop the perishables in the cooler bags and take off into the sunrise.

We’ve loaded up on edible treats.  For the road and the rest of the holidays.  Everyone’s sunglasses are already in the car.  And tomorrow morning’s clothes, laid out in advance too.

Four nights away, is not long at all.  But we’re going to make the most of it.  Plett is about a five to six hour journey from home.  And we are seeing the journey there as a part of our excursion.  We’ve got games packed in, everyone’s earphones for music and I’m already anticipating car games galore.  In addition, the first of many “are we nearly there?” questions, should start about seven minutes after our departure.  And I’m foreseeing that the never ending round of similar questions, will be relentless.  But it is part of it all.  And I suspect I would be sadly disappointed if the kids didn’t drive me batty on the car journey.

Plett seems to be a marvellous place, with many attractions and fun outing venues to partake in.  Personally we are looking forward to the Plett Puzzle Park, which includes a humongous big life size maze, as well as a forest walk, complete with puzzles and brain teasers along the way.  What fun!  Something that is just so perfectly up my alley.

For the rest, there is a water park, beautiful beaches, lakes, etc.  And so I’m hardly anticipating much boredom at all.  Our self-catering accommodation at Treehouse Forest Lodge, looks lovely.  And we are eagerly anticipating lounging along the pool and having lengthy soaks in the spa bath in our chalet.  A quick trip to the library ensured ample reading material for all five of us.  And just to hedge all bets, for those not too fond of reading, there is a good supply of balls and bats, also packed in.

Blogging whilst away might be a challenge.  As I will have no internet access, barring my phone.  Or computer for that matter either.  And so, for the next few days, this might sadly be it.  Sorry peeps!  I will miss it sorely.  But who knows?  Perhaps I shall find a way to blog from my phone. 

Or maybe, I’ll just sit back for a few days and soak up the weather, atmosphere, marvellous sights, put my feet up, relax and enjoy my own little family.  In fact that sounds great!

Watch out Plett – here we come!!!  Are you ready?

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