Saturday, 7 December 2013

It's NOT the silly season!


 It's NOT the silly season!
7 December 2013

Look, let’s be clear about this much – It’s NOT the silly season!

In fact, I take offence to the blatant abuse and misuse of the word, “SILLY”.

You see, here’s the thing.  Personally, I feel a bit responsible for “SILLY”.  And as if I should look out for it.  Cause if I don’t, who will?

Silly is such a special word.  It implies frivolous fun.  A spot of kooky craziness, that’s, well…fun.  Got it?

However, by inferring that the mad, insane, revolting, hectic, overwhelming, intense, jam-packed, over-scheduling, function-infused hysteria, so commonly prevalent during the lead-up to Xmas is “SILLY”, is just plain wrong.  In fact, it’s downright evil. 

And a flagrant, obvious, and rather intentional, cruel twist of tongue.  Cause, IT IS NOT FUN!

Every day is an endurance race of sorts.  With the main goal being coming out alive at the end of it all.  Making it in one piece to bedtime.  With no serious loss of life and limb – not necessarily your own.  Cause no one is safe.  It’s a bit of a free for all.  Anyone entering the radius is an open target.

It’s a mad dash from one commitment to the next.  And every single place you go to, you are subjected to queues (and I don’t have a problem with queues per se).  You are subjected to not being able to find parking (and I’m patient and don’t mind circling for ages, simply looking for a spot).  In addition you are also force fed a ridiculous amount of picnic meals (and I seriously dig picnicking).  But perhaps the most challenging of all, is being subjected to the cost of it all.  Little gift here (and I really enjoying gifting).  Little gift there (and I find genuine enjoyment from giving).  It’s the bloody cost of it all.

I find myself better able to cope, if I try and micro-manage my days in little hourly increments.  And so, for instance, at 9h00 in the morning, my main aim, is to get done, what must be done, by 10h00.  To keep track of that small space of time.  Because attempting the visualise at 9h00 in the morning, everything that must be done, before bedtime, hurts my head. 

The past two weeks, has seen a virtual plethora of events (and I LOVE events).  But even I, am stretched thin at the moment.

So, let’s agree on one thing – we’ll have to rename the “SILLY” season.

And luckily I’ve found the perfect new moniker.

From this point on, from here on forward, it will now be known, as…..

The “STUPID” season.

No, wait, perhaps I’m being unfair.  It is clearly not really, the “season’s” fault.  It’s mine, for overcommitting.  And one day, I will perhaps evolve into a higher being.  Capable of declining every single invitation.

And thus for the rest of you normal people, carry on with your “SILLY” season.  It even sounds kind of fun.  Sort of wish I could join you.

And as for myself?  Well, I’ll simply dub it, “HELENE-IS-EXCEPTIONALLY-STUPID-AND-SAYS-YES-TO-EVERYTHING-SEASON”.  Cause in the past two weeks alone, my daughter took part in a dancing demo, which entailed numerous hours of rehearsals.  Now it is fair to say, that I don’t do the dancing, yet at eleven, my daughter doesn’t have a drivers licence yet (we really should picket to get that law changed), and so I have to take her everywhere.  And fetch her again.  My youngest son had his class year end party, which meant a three hour long family picnic at the local nature reserve.  My daughter had her class year end picnic, also at the nature reserve, and I was asked to help be a supervising mom as the teacher had arranged fun games and activities.  My daughter and a bunch of friends had arranged a random year end party, which entailed helping from 15h00 until 21h00 last Saturday afternoon and evening, at a friend’s house.  Jointly, my kids have had five friends sleeping over.  I’ve had a total of 9 people sleeping over as well.  Spread over two different nights.  I took part in a school market day from 14h00 until 21h30 one day.  Hosted my nine year old son’s birthday party at a friend’s house and went straight from the party to the school talent show, as my daughter was a contestant.  The talent show was four and a half hours long…  (she came second – yay!)  I hosted my daughter’s birthday party at my gran’s house with a whole bunch of kids.  Each party involved party treat shopping, collecting, dropping and folding of Jumping Castles and Slip ‘n Slides, collecting and dropping party guests off afterwards too.  And in addition, I also took two of my kids and a friend to the annual Noddy’s Party one night – which once again called for picnic food and gifts.

Amidst all of this, there is a business and a home to run.  Meals to be cooked.  An eldest son with commitments too.  Regular daily shopping and carting of kids.  Oh, and a blog to be written.

Which leads me to believe – it is not the season that is silly or stupid. 

It is clearly just Helene.

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  1. It is ridiculous!!
    And so much of it we do, as you say, to ourselves!

    This too shall pass.

    1. "This too shall pass." Sure does, Maggie. Those "busy" days with children pass too quickly and then we find ourselves back here, visiting Helene's blog, remembering...

  2. It says: "And it came to pass..." It does not say " And it came to stay!". You make a difference to peoples lives, especially your kids! And on the 21st of December, you also going to make a difference in my kids lives! So thank you for being Helene! We love you A LOT!!

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  4. Stupid - Never - Never! You are adorable, Helene, maybe you have said, "Yes", to a few too many things, but you are at "that" stage of life with your children. In a few years there will be quiet times such as I have now, with times of utter extreme busy-ness thrown in just to remind you that life is never dull even though your children are grown. Silliness is a beautiful word, implying as you well said, fun, the ability to still giggle to the point of hiccoughs, and I am called it often by my niece and granddaughter...I take it as a compliment. So be silly. You do make a difference, in the lives of all of us blessed to know you. You stir up memories, you inspire! I for one cherish my interactions with you, new as they are! So "silly on", Helene! But stupid NEVER! Love ya!