Saturday, 21 December 2013

I promise I haven't forsaken you


I promise I haven't forsaken you
20 December 2013

Jeez, Louise!  But it’s been busy.

Now, I promise you I haven’t forsaken you.  Nor have I been ignoring you either. 

I’ve been otherwise occupied. 

Christmas time – it’s intense.  Fun, but intense.

We all know this to be true. 

But the wonderful side bonus, of the festive season, is the usual influx of family members from far and wide.  The opportunity this allows for renewed bonding.  Lengthy catch-up sessions, as well as the absolute joy of seeing one another again.

And I have just taken the gap and escaped to the family holiday house for two nights.  Just me, my two youngest sprogs and my husband’s niece.  Eldest sprog was away on a camping trip with some mates.  And husband, was doing stuff.  Yip, stuff.

However, when I say just me and the two youngest sprogs, I am of course lying.  Cause some nights we were nineteen people.  I know – slow, quiet holiday.  By regular standards. 

Normally we would be even more people, but we’ve got a family wedding happening, in a day’s time.  And hence some of the clan, are focused on that.  Others are still working and not yet on leave.  Another hapless few, have been sick – vicious bug.  And the odd person is overseas.

But for those of us fortunate enough, the brief get-away was glorious.

I hope to get back to regular posts soon.  But tomorrow night, after the wedding, I have sixteen people sleeping over.  In my small home.  And I simply can’t wait.  The anticipated joy, of waking up, with my brother, sister, their kids, spouses, as well as my mom, stepdad and stepsister, is beyond belief.

We are having a pre-Christmas Christmas celebration and feast.  Rather clever me-thinks.  As we’re unable to get everyone together again before Christmas.  And hence, this will be our main celebration.

And part of the reason it will be so special, is the fact that it will be the first Christmas in five years, that we all get to celebrate together.  The three Loubser siblings.  Yeehaaa!!!

And thus, I promise you – I have not forsaken you.  I’ve just been busy.

And true though it is that the busy-ness will continue for another few days, it will all quieten down again.

The guests will leave.  Christmas will be over.  The decorations will still linger.  The husband will go back to work.  And life will take its regular pattern again.

But for now, I’m relishing.  In the mania.  The shopping.  The celebrations.  The togetherness.  The decorations.  The festive cooking and meals.  The gift wrapping.  The carols and Christmas songs.  The lengthy discussions, about who's sitting where, exactly what we should serve, and whether we should do hot or cold food this year.

The awesomeness of Christmas.  It makes my heart glow.

Long may it last.

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  1. Ridiculously busy........and you don't 'adapt' your standards.
    I do admire all you do!