Friday, 6 December 2013

Rest well Tata Madiba - a living legend no more


Rest well Tata Madiba - a living legend no more
6 December 2013

This morning South Africa woke up, and the landscape had changed. 

A vital piece was missing.  A golden era had drawn to a close.

It was Cape Town without Table Mountain.  The sun was gone.

And for those in lands far, far away, let me equate – Paris without her Eiffel,  Australia without her precious reef, Switzerland without her snow-capped Alps, China without her wall.

The much beloved father of our nation, is finally resting.  Tata Madiba is gone.

And never before has our country been more unified.  Unified in sadness and in mourning.  Unified in great sorrow. 

But at the same time, also unified in our pride and appreciation of having had him on loan to us.  Of being honoured enough to call him our own.  Of having him leading us for so many years. 

Unified in gratitude for all that he was.  For his shining example of forgiveness and new beginnings.  Of looking ahead and facing the future with fortitude and promising beliefs.  On not dwelling on the injustices and bitterness of the past.

Of positivity and embracing all.  Of fighting the good fight.  Of holding steadfast and having faith in the righteousness of your convictions.  Of standing your ground.  With dignity, humility and great honour.

I thank him for the example he gave to us and our children.  Of the enduring strength of the human spirit.  Of its ability to overcome.  Of his calm presence that guided as all.

But not us alone.  He affected all.  Right across the world.

I find comfort in the fact, that he lived to see the changes he fought for.  That he saw greater equality.  That he made people think and question their former beliefs.  And that he saw the world change.  In front of his eyes.

His time has come.  And his time has gone. 

In the annals of time, we the people, will be heralded as the fortunate few, who shared the same period of history.  Who experienced his leadership and charismatic personality.  We are the lucky ones. 

Throughout time, we have been blessed with many, many leaders.  Some great.  Many not.

However, one man, and one man alone, will be remembered as the greatest leader of all.

Long may his legacy last.  And his peaceful ideals live on.

We owe it to him, to pay it forward and continue his work.  To honour him.

Rest well, Nelson Mandela.  Your time may be done, but your legacy will live on.

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  1. Thank you for this, so well put. He was definitely an inspiration to all! Linz