Sunday, 1 December 2013

Whoever said LYING was bad, was LYING


Whoever said LYING was bad, was LYING
1 December 2013

Whoever the blithering idiot was, that said LYING was bad, was LYING.  Or perhaps they just never tried it? 

Cause let’s be HONEST – LYING quite often, saves the day.  And your bacon. 

I think most people are guilty and indulge on occasion.  Present company included.  I LIE all the time. 

And HONESTLY, I actually have a problem with LYING as a concept.  The mere thought puts me off.  The policy of HONESTY, is one I’m trying to instil in my kids.  Yet, they LIE too.  It’s what people do. 

I once caught my three year old daughter, with a pair of scissors clasped in her hand, in her hair, up on her scalp, golden locks lying at her feet.  And when I asked her, “Did you cut your hair, Amber?” She deadpan replied, with a look of HONESTY on her face, and LIED to me, “No!”.

But here’s the problem.  My kids have learnt from the pro.  The LIE-Queen herself.

I’ve told them that a mysterious mammal, with rather large floppy ears, delivers chocolate eggs and bunnies in April.  I’ve told them about a rodent, with a vested interest in teeth, who pays for their pearly whites.  And rather handsomely too.  I’ve told them about a winged creature, who also collects teeth.  And not only that, I’ve actively participated in the Father Christmas conspiracy.  Telling them that a fat bellied, red bedecked, bearded man will deliver presents to them on Christmas morning.

But by the way kids, don’t take things from strangers.  Most especially sweets and treats…

Yet, they’re encouraged to eat the chocolates at Easter.  The ones they receive from an animal (never mind a stranger), they don’t know.  Accept cash from the rodent.  They carry diseases you now.  Ever heard of the plague?  And more dosh from the winged one.  Uh, okay.  And presents galore from Saint Nick.  Creepy much older man.

Furthermore, I’ve incited correspondence between my kids and these “things”.  They’re pen-pals of sorts.  With numerous letters quite literally flying back and forth.  I’ve kept the illusion alive.  Feeding the fire.  As well as the desire for even more involvement between my kids and them.

Now I’m just saying - HONESTLY, is it any surprise that our kids LIE to us?

Kids learn from example.  It’s a well-known and documented fact.  They learn through observation.  And who better to observe, than the person closest to you?  Your parents.  Most particularly, your mother.

Which explains why I blame my mom…



  1. Guilty as charged!
    The things we do!

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    2. I, too, am guilty. Love this blog, Helene! :)