Tuesday, 5 November 2013

The dead have fun too

The dead have fun too
5 November 2013

After doing Jumping Castles for just over ten years already, it is safe to say, that I have seen lots in my time.  And heard lots.

From clap trap cars, to zhooshie expensive numbers.  From big strong muscle men, whinging over attempting to lift a tiny Castle, that I can lift on my own.  To women almost as strong as me.  Of loading Castles on roofs, and into little Uno’s.  Of Taxi’s and Combi’s and everything in between.  Of ropes and straps and whatnot to tie them down.  Of people dropping Castles off in a bakkie and upon unloading the Castle, about seventeen little kids peeling out at the back of the Castle all big eyed and eager to see it all.  Talking nineteen to the dozen in their very loudest squealing voices too.  So cute!  Of getting spontaneous hugs from kids to little lisped “thankth”.  Of happy pictures and sharing of party treats.  Of kids crying when they drop off cause they don’t want to part with the Castle either.  Of moms breaking collar bones from going down a slide and air borne castles too.

I’ve had the most idiotic (sorry – it’s true) requests on the phone too.  “Do you inflate the Castle when I collect it from you???”  Yes, of course. Then we simply tie it onto your bumper and off you go…  “Do you supply the water for the waterslides???”  Yes, of course.  Please ensure that you drop off an ample supply of empty bottles about two weeks in advance and I will start the systematic process of filling them with water for you…  “The air is escaping between the stitching.”  Yes, of course.  Because it if wasn’t the Jumping Castle would be the equivalent of a giant cracker.  Just waiting to explode whilst your child is on it.  Sending that very same kid into orbit.  Possibly never to be found again.  “Must the motor run the whole time?”.  Yes, of course.  Because otherwise there would be no air inflating the…..  Actually on second thought, I don’t think you meet the minimum intellect requirement to safely operate heavy machinery.  Rather stick to small things instead.  Like your toaster at home.  Please note though, that it has to be plugged in.  That it stays plugged in for the duration of the toast making.  That no water should be added.  Unless you like really curly hair of course.  In which case, knock yourself out.  Literally.

Yip, I’ve seen it all.

Yet, every so often, even I am surprised.  As was the case this past Sunday.

Picture this scene:  me standing in my garage, waiting for clients to collect and drop off.  A lovely white little number pulls up to my garage and reverses rather well (I see LOTS of reversing).  The driver hops out, and we make a little bit of small talk, while he opens the back of his car so long.  In the back his three year old was having a whale of a time playing.  There were no seats in the back and it turned his van type car into a flatbed type of thingie.

I innocently remarked on the interesting silver sliding trays he had in the car.  Wondering if he does camping, etc.  I’ve seen quite a few car modifications as well over the years.

“No,” he replies.  “This car is my hearse”.

Let’s just be clear here:  This guy, came to fetch a Jumping Castle for his toddler, in a hearse.  Is this normal behavior?

There are no words.  Quite predictably I found this rather creepy and made sure to not touch anything unnecessarily, barring my Jumping Castle.  A rather difficult feat as we had to load a big mother, and you have to lean down and invariably touch the car.


Though perhaps I’m being a bit short sighted here and biased towards the living.  Perhaps the dead want to have fun too? 

In which case I’m sure they had a ball.  Maybe even an eye.  Possibly a limb.

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  1. Oh my hat! This really made me laugh this morning!!
    I love that yo can see the humour in so many things, Helene.
    Great survival mechanism!