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And that's why being an aunt is the bomb!

And that's why being an aunt is the bomb!
9 November 2013

There is just something so awesomely special about being an aunt.

It’s not quite the same as being a mom.  Obviously.  You get the joy of a child, without the intense responsibility.

You don’t have to faff with taking them to the dentist.  And forcing them to eat their veggies.  You don’t mind if they go to the shops wearing a tutu, jersey, superman cape, boots, swimming goggles and a cozzie all in one amazing and amusing outfit.  You don’t have to worry about homework and making them do their times tables.  Actually, come to think of it, you don’t have to stress about much at all.

Instead, you can be their confidant.  Their greatest ally.  Their most favourite person in the world.  The one that spoils them.  And indulges them too.

You can be the fun.  And encourage silliness and general frivolity.  Smarties sprinkled over cereal is fine.  In fact, kinda compulsory.

And never is this relationship more prevalent than when a niece or nephew is little.  I can personally confirm that nieces make the cutest babies in the whole world.  They’re practically edible.  And I’ve stopped just short of nibbling on my three nieces.  Or at least that’s what I’ve told their mothers.  Cause the truth is far more sinister.  Actually I have nibbled them occasionally, but have stopped short of drawing blood.  Just.

However, I can confirm that they make phenomenally cute toddlers too.  Even bigger kids.  And I actually suspect that this cute-ness factor will remain for years to come.  Right through to adulthood.  I’m convinced they even make fantastic teenagers.  A near impossible feat.  And an accomplishment your own children can never attain.

Perhaps a part of their charm is their absolute adoration of their aunt.  Their conviction that there aunt is the bomb.  The bee’s knees.  The very coolest person on earth and the one they most enjoy spending time with. 

Can one really blame them?

Personally I’ve been blessed with an aunt just like this.  And at forty, I still dig her the most.  And I think the feeling is entirely mutual.  And luckily through the marriages of my uncles, I’ve gained another few fantastic aunts too.  And I adore them – one and all.  How lucky am I?

And much to my delight, my kids have been blessed with an aunt exactly like this.  She’s fun and she’s funny.  She’s wacky in fact.  An oddball of note, who really listens to them when they talk.  She cares and she shares – occasionally even her sweets.

But back to my nieces - they’re adorably cute.  Remarkably clever.  Amazingly talented.  Wonderfully charming.  Fantastically delightful.

In short, they clearly take after their aunt…

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Having a little moment with Frankie-Pankie-Pop

Edible little Frankie - too cute for words!

Beautiful little Bella-Bolla


Bella as a newbie

Cutie Frankie

Tiny Bella
Our Bella

Sister fun with Frankie and Bella

Bella the three year old birthday gal

My beloved little Honey, aka Pot, Pottie, Honeypot, The Pot, ...

The cutest little Pot ever!
Gorgeous galla!

How cute is this!  Honey having a play-play facial.  Adorable!

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  1. And what an awesome aunt you are!

    Lovely post with fabulous pics!!