Friday, 22 November 2013

Teenagers - they're a laugh a minute

Teenagers - they're a laugh a minute
22 November 2013

No not really.  For a lot of the time, they annoy the living daylights out of you.

They’re selfish.  Self-absorbed.  Singular in their determination to get exactly what they want.  They’re lazy.  Unfocused.  Sloth-like in fact.  Not goal orientated.  Free-loading.  And they’re surrounded by a general air of self-entitlement.  The world in general, and their parents in particular, owe them.  Big time.

See, I told you!  They’re a laugh a minute.

The focus of all that they do, is geared towards themselves and how they can better from it.  What they can gain.  What they can get. 

And I think their philosophy (if they were diligent enough to sit down and formulate one) is this – Minimum Input = Maximum Output.  How to put in the smallest amount of effort, to get the greatest reward.  In fact, if they can get by with putting in no effort at all, it’s even better.  Especially if their end reward is still great.  Even good will do.

As if the world worked like this.  If only.

But perhaps this is not true for most teenagers?  However, having spoken to many of my friends, it certainly rings true for a lot of them.  In fact, the majority of them.

Personally, my own specimen “delighted” me once more, just the other day.  With a “captivating” and “fascinating”, if ever so slightly ridiculous notion.  It’s absolutely amazing what they come up with.

He was bemoaning the fact that he didn’t have the latest craze PlayStation game, “Grand Theft Auto V”.  Yes, a charming little game.  I know all about it.  So “wholesome and educational”.  He was whinging about how he needs it so badly.  And the way he was carrying on, you’d swear it was oxygen.  Yes, yes – they’re truly hysterical.

Life would not be worth living if he didn’t own this game.  Were there any chores he could do around the house?  Yes, there were many.  But those are expected from him, and he should be doing those chores for free.  Not charging me.  A laugh a minute, I tell you.

Anyway, eventually the penny finally dropped, that I wasn’t going to rush off and just randomly buy him this game for no apparent rhyme or reason.  And truthfully, I think he thinks I’m being rather mean.

After all, why won’t I spend R800 on a game for him???  Hysterical, I tell you!

And then he presented me with the clincher.  The piece de resistance.  His final plea…

“Can’t you please just buy me the game as a kind of well-done-because-the-exams-are-finished-next-week?”

And pigs can fly.  Ducks and ostriches too, for that matter.

They’re bloody entertaining, if nothing else.


  1. As my dear friend Tracy assures me, that it is written "And it came to pass" , not "And it came to stay! ". You WILL survive this, trust me, and as you know, its SO worth it when you come out the other side!! May the force be with you!

  2. Nogal because the exams finish next week!!!

    You, of course, weren't like that!!
    Exceptional child.